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Chat Transcript

Charles Holt, September 24, 2003

Charles Holt

Charles is currently in the Broadway Cast of The Lion King. He was online on Wednesday, September 24th, to answer our questions and inquiries to see how itís like to be getting such such a great role.

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Charles Holt is on the stage.
Moderator: Charles will be on stage today at 6:00pm (Pacific).
Moderator: Welcome to the Online Chat with Charles Holt, currently a cast member of the Broadway Production of The Lion King, but he has a LOT of additional projects in the works that Iím sure heíll love sharing with you. Welcome Charles.
Charles Holt: Hi, Andrew. It is great to be here. Thank you.
Sher: You are quite a multi talented man. What came or acting?
Charles Holt: Well,.... that is a hard one to call. I guess the music came first. I started singing in the 10th grade in the church choir.
Charles Holt: I went to college to play football and never really sang in an organized group until well after I graduated. I started an acting class in Atlanta which after that began singing and pursuing the entertainment career.
Iron Sushi: When did it first occur to you: "Hey, I have talent! I can/want to make it on broadway?"
Charles Holt: I was really inspired by the music in Smokey Joeís Cafe. I went a bought the CD and learned the most difficult song in the show, "I Who Have Nothing" and vowed that I would make to New York to at the very least audition for the show just so I could
Charles Holt: sing that song. I ended up being cast in the show.
Sher: What part do you play in the Lion King? (wish I could get down to NY someday to take in a Broadway play!)
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Charles Holt: I play a lot of different roles. I am a blade of grass as well as a vicious Hyena, Banzai. I hope you get the opportunity to come and share in one the most spectacular experiences that anybody could have in live theatre.
Philip Gordon: Hi Charles!
Iron Sushi: Where do you see the show (Lion King) going? I mean, will it be a long runner like Cats, or will it run itís course?
Charles Holt: Hey, Philip how are you? I am planning another trip to Utah this season.
Charles Holt: Lion King should run at least another 10 years on Broadway. We are about to celebrate our 6th in November.
Iron Sushi: What do you like to do during the "off season"?
Charles Holt: To tell the truth I really donít have an off season. We have 8 shows a week and I am also doing commercials, voice-overs, I just finished my first major motion picture and a guest starring role on Law & Order:Criminal Intent. I try and stay busy.
Iron Sushi: If not broadway, what would you see yourself doing now?
Charles Holt: Well, I am really forward to my next film and my next tv role. While here in LA I am also meeting with music execs to collaborate on my upcoming album. I want to do it all.
Iron Sushi: With all the turmoil going on (especially after 9/11) did it make you nervous/wary of performing onstage after that?
Charles Holt: You know 9/11 was a very important time for a lot of us living in New York, especially performers. I like many came to New York to fulfill dreams and work on a Broadway stage. So, realizing the magnitude of what happened, for me the event made me even more assured of WHY I was in New York and the journey getting there.
Sher: What is the major motion picture that we can watch to see you in?
Charles Holt: It is called ĎAnne B. Realí. It is inspired by the the Diary of Anne Frank. It is an awesome film. It will be released by Universal Home Video/DVD in November. Watch it, see it, buy it.
Sher: What projects are looming on the horizon for you?
Charles Holt: I will be in my third season of touring my one-man show, Black Boy, based on the autobiographical classic by Richard Wright-also author of Native Son. I am working on another one-man project due to finished by the end of 2004. The tour of Black Boy will be coming to Los Angeles in February 2004. I would love for you to come to the performance. I am also looking forward to completing my album.
Sher: What would be your "dream project"?
Charles Holt: That is a hard one. In film I would like to work with Dean Devlin on a project similar to that of ĎSilence of the Lambsí. I would love to play a role like Anthony Hopkins played. In TV I would like to play a detective in a drama series. I am going to travel the world singing.
Sher: How did you come to know Devlin and Co? :)
Charles Holt: I met Dean Devlin and Andrew Mouser at Deanís wedding July 4th. I had the honor of singing at the wedding.
Sher: Do tell us about your performance at Dean and Lisaís wedding. I wish I could have been there!
Charles Holt: Well, members of the cast of The Lion King were invited to open the ceremonies. It was magnificent!
Sher: So, what do you think of Arnie for Govíner? :)
Charles Holt: I will leave that one alone. Politics are not my forte.
Moderator: That wraps up this chat with Charles Holt. Thank you Charles for filling us in and weíll look forward to seeing you in some of your upcomnig projects!
Iron Sushi: Thanks Charles!
Charles Holt: It has been my pleasure, Andrew. Thank you again for having me as your guest.
Sher: Thank you Charles!
Charles Holt: You are the best Iron Sushi. Thank you for sharing your time to chat with me.
Andrew: As usual, the chat transcript will be posted on the Electric BBS and
Charles Holt: Sher, you are wonderful. Thank you for all of your questions and please make it to New York to see the Lion King and please keep in touch.
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