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Lisa Brenner, June 26, 2003

[Lisa Brenner] Lisa Brenner made her film debut in The Patriot . She recently completed her second feature, Oliver Robins' Roomies, a romantic comedy about two people looking for the perfect roommate. She has just signed on for the upcoming feature Sex and a Girl, written and directed by Drew Ann Rosenberg. Brenner portrayed Maggie Cory on the classic daytime drama Another World from 1995-1996. She has appeared on television shows such as Chicago Hope, Turks and The Magnificent Seven. She also played Jenny on the MTV Series Undressed, described as "The Real World meets Sex, Lies and Videotape".

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Moderator: Hi All, I would like to welcome Lisa to our live chat! She's in the Electric Entertainment's office right now and ready to take your questions. There are several questions in the queue at the moment and we'll go through some of them now. Welcome Lisa!
Lisa Brenner: Hey! Thanks for having me here!
Sher: I'd like to personally congratulate Lisa and Dean on their upcoming marriage, and wish them both a lifetime of happiness together. Welcome to the clan!! :)
Lisa Brenner: It's a good clan to be part of :-)
David: Hello Lisa, What do you think of the many internet fan Web sites?
Lisa Brenner: I think it's pretty amazing! Thank you so much for all of your work and artistry.
Auric: What was the most fun scene for you to do in The Patriot ?
Lisa Brenner: Well, I know the most "unfun" scene was the church burning. . . other than that each day was a great experience.
David: Do you know when Finding Home, the Groomsman, and Roomies will be released? Where can we see these films?
Lisa Brenner: I'm really not sure. . . Finding Home is premiering here at the end of July, and after that it's anyone's guess. . .
weeler: Can you tell us about your role in "Finding Home"?
Lisa Brenner: I play a hard-working, New York corporate girl who has to go to Maine for a funeral and learns about love and life
David: You were great in Alex in Wonder! Any chance of working with Drew Ann Rosenberg again?
Lisa Brenner: She's just finishing writing her second film, so hopefully really soon!!!
Sher: Do you have any plans to work in some upcoming Electric Entertainment films?
Lisa Brenner: If Dean'll hire me ;-)
Sher: Did you enjoy working on the daytime TV shows?
Lisa Brenner: It was very hard work, but a lot of fun too. . .
David: Are you currently working on any upcomming movie or film projects?
Lisa Brenner: taking it easy at the moment, but we'll see what happens at the beginning of the fall . ..
Sher: Would you be interested in a role of a racecar driver? ;-)
Lisa Brenner: as long as she wears her seatbelt ;-)
Movie Fan: Who runs your website
Moderator: That would be our guest here, David!
David: The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer must have brought huge exposure to your talents, did you get many more calls and offers after the movie aired?
Lisa Brenner: Yeah, it kinda made me a little more choosy on what I'll do next
Sher: How hard was it for you to land the role of Anne in THE PATRIOT? Were you nervous about auditionining?
Lisa Brenner: I worked really hard at each stage of the audition process, so being focused helps take your mind away from the nerves
David: Do you like to travel? If so, where is your favorite place to travel to?
Lisa Brenner: I love to travel. My favorite place so far has been Paris
Sher: Are you getting excited about the fourth of July yet? :o)
Lisa Brenner: The funny thing is, The Patriot  will be airing on TV the exact time we're getting married. . .
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Holly: Have you read a book or know of a story that includes a character you'd jump at the chance to play?
Lisa Brenner: Yes!!! The thought of actually playing one makes me nervous, like I have to live up to some ideal. Shakespeare or Strindberg. ..
Auric: What's your favorite movie? What movies do you enjoy most?
Lisa Brenner: I love foreign movies. I just saw Bend it Like Beckham and it's great!
David: I read somewhere that you did many commercial when you were first starting to act. What was your most favorite commercial?
Lisa Brenner: I did over 100 commercials as a kid. I'd have to say "Kix Cereal" was my favorite 'cause I got to sing :-)
David: How do you feel about watching yourself on TV or in a theater?
Lisa Brenner: ACH!!!!
David: Do you prefer movies, TV, or the stage?
Lisa Brenner: anything that gives me fun, juicy, characters
Sher: Did being in THE PATRIOT help boost your career any, or is it "business as usual"?
Lisa Brenner: definitely. It changes the competition for roles, which is really exciting, but also MUCH harder
Sher: How fitting that is!! At what point did you meet Dean and when did you two realize things "clicked" for you?
Sher: And of course I should ask....what's the dress look like? :-)
Lisa Brenner: We started dating after the movie was completed. And no, I cannot tell you what my dress looks like :-)))
weeler: Do you visit Long Island often seeing is that is where you grew up?
Lisa Brenner: It's one of my favorite places in the world (besides Paris) and I try to get there as often as I can
Auric: Do you play a musical instrument?
Lisa Brenner: I sing. But at the moment, only to myself :-)
Sher: Do you look at scripts that might interest you? Or do they have to come through your agent? (New to this biz, so sorry if this is out of line to ask)
Lisa Brenner: For legal reasons, they have to go through the agent
Sher: Have you ever been in a band? Or what style of singing is it that you love most?
Lisa Brenner: I was a band in high school and we were awful!!! I like to sing classical
weeler: Who is your favorite band or singer?
Lisa Brenner: At the moment I love Tori Amos, I'm in one of the competing videos on for her new single "Taxi Ride." So when it's up on her website, you gotta vote for it :-))))
Sher: Has acting been a lifelong ambition or something that just kinda "happened" for you?
Lisa Brenner: I've wanted to be in this crazy business since I was 8! I don't think one chooses it, it definitely chooses you.
David: How many videos have you been in? I know of Def Leppard and Hanson?
Lisa Brenner: Just 3. All of them kinda just happened.
Moderator: I would like to thank Lisa for taking time out of her hectic schedule. A transcript of this chat will be posted to the Electric BBS and the Centropoholics Website. Thanks Lisa....!
Lisa Brenner: Thank you! Lots of love!!!!
David: Thanks Lisa
Sher: Thanks, Lisa! Best of luck with your wedding!
Auric: Thanks Lisa! :)
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