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January 2 Changes:
  • Updated PHP version to PHP 7
  • Fixed link to Filmfest München website
  • Added Twitter links for Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin
  • Fixed validation issues by using HTML entities instead of special characters

May 24 Changes:
  • Deactivated the guestbook sign form due to heavy loads of spam
March 15 8th Anniversary of

June 28 Changes:
March 31 Changes:
March 15 7th Anniversary of
February 28 Additions: Changes:
January 9 Additions:

November 12 Additions:
November 10 Additions:
October 23 Additions:
October 18 Additions:
September 30 Changes:
July 11 Changes:
July 3 Additions:
June 22 Changes:
  • Special link on frontpage (Filmfest München)
June 17 Additions:
June 16 Additions:
  • Added image overlay popups to image galleries (Lightbox)
May 9 Additions:
April 6 Additions: Changes:
April 2 Additions: Changes:
March 15 6th Anniversary of
January 6 Changes:
January 3 Changes:
  • Frontpage image replaced by New Year greeting

December 19 Changes:
  • Updated Films main index
  • Updated Box Office Results and fixed a bug
  • Improved support for Mozilla Firefox 2 ("≡" characters were incorrectly displayed as "=")
  • Various smaller updates
December 4 Changes:
December 3 Additions: Changes:
  • Frontpage image rotation deactivated in favor of The Librarian 
October 15 Changes:
  • Updated U.S. release date of Trade  from October 13, 2006 to April 2007
October 1 Additions: Changes:
September 17 Additions: Changes:
  • Updated Flyboys  - Introduction
  • Updated imagebar on Flyboys  pages
  • Moved number of images in overview of image gallery categories to an own column
  • Fixed a bug with line breaks in the HTML code
September 2 Changes:
  • Updated U.S. release date of Flyboys  from September 29 to September 22, 2006
August 29 Additions: Changes:
  • Updated all imagebars in the Films section
August 24 Changes:
  • Frontpage image rotation deactivated in favor of the upcoming Flyboys  movie
  • Added countdown to release of Flyboys  to frontpage
  • Updated Films section
July 3 Changes:
May 21 Changes:
  • Removed Message Boards main section (contained special links to the old Electric Entertainment message boards)
May 10 Changes:
April 7 Changes:
March 30 Changes:
  • Improved protection from spam in the guestbook
March 15 5th Anniversary of
February 1 Additions: Changes:
January 31 Changes:
January 6 Changes:
  • Various smaller updates
January 1 Changes:
  • Frontpage image promoting The Triangle  replaced by New Year greeting

December 11 Changes:
  • Various source code optimizations and bug fixes
  • Improved support for Mozilla Firefox
December 9 Changes:
December 3 Additions:
November 30 Additions:
November 28 Additions: Changes:
November 18 Changes:
November 16 Changes: Corrections:
  • Changed The Librarian  runtime from 2 hours to 90 minutes :]
November 13 Changes:
November 2 Changes:
October 9 Changes:
October 3 Changes: Additions:
September 24 Additions: Changes:
  • Frontpage image rotation deactivated in favor of The Triangle 
August 28 Bug fix:
  • Fixed an internal problem with loading a file.
August 5 Added pages for upcoming films: Changes:
July 5 Additions:
July 4 Changes:
  • Added a space behind highlighted film titles to improve readability
June 19 Changes:
  • Added code to prevent the guestbook from being spammed with messages including offending words
  • Repaired the highlighting of film titles in italics
June 18 Additions:
May 6 Additions:
May 3 Changes:
  • A change in the server configuration made it necessary to update all pages
March 24 Additions: Changes:
  • Fixed a bug with the text indent in the Latest News main menu
March 15 4th Anniversary of
March 11 Additions:
February 20 Changes:
February 13 Phase 4 of the site goes online.

More information about Phase 4 »

Major Changes/Additions:

  • New color engine
  • New bracketcode engine
  • Improved site navigation
  • More consistent titles
Additions: Changes:
  • Changed order of films in the Films section
  • Completed Cast & Crew listing for Joey 
  • Clicking on an image gallery with only 1 category will now open this category directly instead of a category index
  • Descriptions of images in image galleries can now be clicked to open the image
  • Guestbook now shows all entries as default
  • ...

December 16 Additions:
December 11 Additions:
November 23 Updates: Additions:
  • Added separation lines and e-mail icons to Guestbook
October 6 Additions:
September 19 Changes:
  • Allowed search engines to list the site
September 12 Additions:
September 10 Updates:
August 11 Additions:
July 24 Additions: Changes:
  • Removed the "Up one level" link (top right) when it leads to the main portal
  • Improved internal error handling
July 19 Additions: Changes:
  • Moved "Powered by" and "Validation" tags on credits page to right side bar
  • Moved sign button in guestbook to right side bar
July 18 Changes:
July 15 Additions:
July 13 Changes:
  • Updated Cellular  main page and poster
  • Exchanged The Day After Tomorrow  teaser poster by release poster
  • Reactivated news system by using a MySQL database
July 8 Changes:
May 27 Additions:
May 26 Additions:
May 22 Additions: Changes: Corrections/Fixes:
May 2 Some additions/updates for The Day After Tomorrow


April 20 Frontpage updated for upcoming release of The Day After Tomorrow
April 2 Changed to new design:
March 31 Changed to new design: Other Additions/Changes:
  • Improved navigation by adding an "Up one level" link (top right)
  • Improved quality of some of the movie posters
March 27 Changed to new design:
March 25 Stefan takes over the domain from Bianca, who wants to concentrate on a new web project.
March 19 Changed to new design: Updated:
March 17 Changed to new design:
March 15 3rd Anniversary of
March 14 Changed to new design: Changes:
January 31 Additions/Changes:
  • C/E logo modified
  • Background images and borders added to menus of new layout
  • Internal menu system improved

November 16 Changed to new design:
November 1 Additions:
September 30 Additions:
September 22 Additions:
  • Some images added to the list of images that appear on the new frontpage (number of images now 12)
September 19 New Phase 3 Portal has been opened
August 28 Additions:
August 21 Additions:
August 10 Additions:
August 9 Additions:
July 31 Additions:
June 26 Additions:
June 3 Additions:
June 1 Additions:
May 31 Additions: Changes:
  • Changed order of sections
May 30 Additions:
May 27 Additions:
May 25 Additions:
May 13 Additions:
  • Added a "to top" link to the bottom of the pages
  • Changed the arrow links in the news items to point to the top of the page instead of the list
May 5 Changes:
April 21 Additions: Major updates:
  • Header graphics improved
April 18 Additions:
April 5 Additions: Bug fix: The page content is now displaying correctly centered in Opera 7.
March 30 Additions:
March 27 Additions:
March 21 Additions:
March 19 Additions:
March 18 Additions:
March 17 Additions:
March 16 Additions:
March 15 Phase 2 of the site goes online.

Only 5 pages are available:

March 5 After an 80-day period of time, is available for registration again. Stefan registers it right away.

December 17 Domain expires
November 20 On the EE BBS, Mark asks if anyone would like to take over, for it'd expire soon. Mark and Stefan agree to let it expire, so that Stefan can register it again.
July 2 Major update; Poll added to the site

November 26 Update to the site: The infamous lurker pics are online :)
September 29 Major update
August 3 Second official update
July 2 First official update
March 15 Phase 1 of the site goes online, featuring 5 skins and 6 main areas.
  • Independence Day 
  • The Visitor 
  • Godzilla 
  • Stargate 
  • "I love them all!"
    (general skin)
Main Areas:
  • Cent U
  • The Archive
  • FanFare
  • The Gathering
  • CUG Extreme
  • Downloads

February 21 In a message thread entitled "" at the old Centropolis webboard Mark and several other Centropoholics discuss the new Centropoholics website