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Chat Transcript

Dean Devlin, May 27, 2003

You have joined the audience.
Moderator: This event will start at 6:00pm Pacific.
Moderator: Welcome to the moderated chat with Dean Devlin. We'll invite Dean on stage now.
Dean is on the stage.
Moderator: Hi Dean! We're ready to start the discussion, go ahead and submit your questions.
Dean: hello, all
Sher: So what new exciting projects is EE developing for this coming year?
Dean: We're working on a film for New Line Cinema called CELLULAR which should start shooting at the end of August, we're developing a movie for TNT called THE LIBRARIAN and we're doing a mini-series with X-MEN director Bryan Singer for the Sci-Fi channel call
Dean: called...TRIANGLE....
Sher: Woohoo! Anything being filmed in Canada?
Dean: don't know yet....CELLULAR is going to be filmed in Los Angeles, but the other two projects are still up in the air....Canada is a definite possiblility...
JAG!: Dean: First off, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Sorry we can't be there. :o) -- Any more news on ID4  2?
Dean: Thanks. No news on ID4 .2 but Roland and I are still working on a script. If it comes out well, we'll try and shoot the film as soon as we can get everyone together again....
Sher: Whatever became of The Carrier?
Dean: It's still in development over at Paramount. It's going unfortunately slow right now. We're hoping things pick up on the project soon.
Dreamer: Where do you get your actors from?
Dean: from all over. Mostly we get our actors through our casting director, April Webster. She's amazing at finding and discovering talent. Sometimes we cast stars (i.e. Mel Gibson), sometimes we discover people who are relatively new (like Heath Ledger).
JAG!: Is directing still in your future plans?
Dean: Yes, though I don't know if it's in the NEAR future. We'll have to see. Bryan and I have talked about possibly both directing some of the segments of TRIANGLE. We'll have to wait and see...
Dean: So what do you guys think about this new chat software? A keeper?
Sher: Definately a keeper! We gotta get back to our weekly chats though. ;-)
Dreamer: Definitely a keeper.
JAG!: yes, very nice..
Sher: What's it been like for you, working out on your own with Electric Entertainment? Do you have more creative freedom, or do you find yourself bogged down with responsibilities?
Dean: I encourage you guys to use this often. We're really happy about being able to add it. I agree, we miss those weekly chats...
Dean: Electric Entertainment has been a big blast of fun for me. It's hard to get two people to agree on ANYTHING. It's much easier to make decisions. But, I'm going crazy trying to get a film up and running. Keep your fingers crossed for us...
Marlana: In Independence Day , Did you have a lot of off screen interaction with Will Smith? And what was the best experience you had with him?
Dean: Will Smith was a real partner on the movie. He did a lot of improvisation in the film. My best experiences with him was when I got to shoot him on second unit and we did some of the "dragging alien" stuff in the desert and all of the airplane stuff.
Dean: He's the greatest to work with, both on and off camera!
Dreamer: Is there any kind of advice you would give someone, such as me, who is going to be an actress like the best way to "break in."
Dean: My advice is to keep working wherever you can. It doesn't matter if it's in a "showcase", a play, or even just in acting class. The more you work, the better you'll be. And the more people you do it in front of, the more chances that someone will....
Dean: your talent. If you're not registered on, I recommend you do.
Dean: the important thing is to be seen...wherever you can
Sher: When's the Big Day? :)
Dean: Independence Day , of course (smile)
JAG!: Any conventions in your schedule this year? Possibly in TX?
Dean: I don't have anything really to promote this year. But I'm sure, when TRIANGLE is ready to debut, Bryan and I will hit a few. Most likely TX included. (I love that one!)
JAG!: So what's TRIANGLE about?
Dean: It's about a diverse group of people who all have strange experiences in the Bramuda Triangle. Together they attempt to finally solve it's mystery!
Marlana: What was the most difficult movie you have produced? And what made it so?
Dean: Probably THE PATRIOT. It was a huge production with many extras, lots of animals, and three hurricanes that disrupted production....
Dean: ...but it was also my most rewarding experience. So it was worth it.
Sher: Have you spoken to Leon Rippy lately? What's he been working on?
Dean: Leon just finished shooting THE ALAMO down in TX. He's doing great. If you didn't catch him in Kevin Spacey's last film, THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE, he was amazing in it!
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JAG!: Any chances for a Gathering II? I'm still disappointed not being able to make the 1st one.
Dean: My next big film shoot we'll definitely have one!
Sher: Which will be my movie, right Dean? *grin*
Dean: but of course....
Moderator: Two more questions... Dean has movies to make!
JAG!: hey dean, a while back.. you mentioned you played a musical instrument. just curious, which?
Dean: I play (poorly) Guitar, Piano and Bass Guitar...
Sher: Have you seen the Fast and Furious movies? What is your take on the racing movie craze right now? Worth cashing in on? The timing with mine that is.
Dean: Imitation is the sincerest form of Hollywood. Studios love to make movies that are similar to other movies that are successful. However, they deny it and it's hard to get past the development people...but tried and true is always good at the studios...
Dean: frankly, if it's good, that the only thing that matters. A really good script is hard to find, no matter what the subject.
Dean: It's been great chatting with you all. I hope you enjoy the new chat software and I'll see you around the site! Look forward to more moderated chats in the future, with some cool guests! G'night all!
Moderator: Thanks for joining us, Dean. And thanks for everyone to come and make this first moderated chat. The transcripts will be available on the BBS shortly.
Dean left the stage.
The PalacePresents event "Chat with Dean Devlin" is over.
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