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The story of Cellular :

A man recieves a random call on his cell phone, only to answer it and have a woman tell him she's been kidnapped, and she's going to be killed soon. The kidnappers have also gone after her husband and son, she tells the man. She needs serious help, but there's a problem she has no idea where she is. Cell phone batteries don't last forever, so the race is on.

The action-thriller Cellular  was originally to be Dean Devlin's debut as director. The project was moved from Sony over to New Line Cinema, and Dean Devlin became producer of the film.

Be sure to check out the hidden features on the offical website, available if you answer the phone call that pops up after some time, and then going to the bottom right of the L.A. map, where you find a hidden spot with behind the scenes images and a really cool stunt video.

As the original title Cellular  isn't commonly used for mobile phones in German speaking countries, the movie appeared under the title Final Call  there.