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Eight Legged Freaks

Eight Legged Freaks  is a fun movie about gigantic mutated spiders attacking the small town of Prosperity, Arizona. [Eight Legged Freaks Logo]

"ELF" (or "8LF") is the first film produced by Dean Devlin's Electric Entertainment.

The film's original title Arac Attack  was changed due to political reasons. In certain countries, the film still appeared under this working title.

Background Info

New Zealand-born Ellory Elkayem (Director) debuted his writing, producing and directing ability at the 1998 Telluride Film festival with his film Larger Than Life , a 13-minute, black and white, 1950s-style science-fiction film. In an engaging combination of humor, horror and suspense, Larger Than Life  tells the story of a small spider that gets exposed to a toxic substance, grows to monumental proportions as a result, and then terrorizes an unsuspecting woman in her home.

When Roland Emmerich, who for some time had been thinking of making a giant spider feature, saw the short, he and Dean Devlin approached the young director. They teamed him with scribe Jesse Alexander to write and develop the script that became Eight Legged Freaks .

written by Mike