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dedicated to the films of Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin

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Dr. Niko "Nick" Tatopoulos Matthew Broderick
Philippe Roaché Jean Reno
Audrey Timmonds Maria Pitillo
Victor "Animal" Palotti Hank Azaria
Colonel Hicks Kevin Dunn
Mayor Ebert Michael Lerner
Charles Caiman Harry Shearer
Lucy Palotti Arabella Field
Dr. Elsie Chapman Vicki Lewis
Sergeant O'Neal Doug Savant
Dr. Mendel Craven Malcolm Danare


Directed by Roland Emmerich
Screenplay by Dean Devlin &
Roland Emmerich
Story by Ted Elliot &
Terry Rossio
Dean Devlin &
Roland Emmerich
Produced by Dean Devlin
Executive Producers Roland Emmerich
Ute Emmerich
William Fay
Director of Photography Ueli Steiger
Production Designer Oliver Scholl
Edited by Peter Amundson
David J. Siegel, A.C.E.
Music by David Arnold
Co-Producers Peter Winther
Kelly Van Horn
Co-Executive Producers Rob Fried
Cary Woods
Visual Effects Supervisor Volker Engel
Godzilla Designed and Supervised by Patrick Tatopoulos
Costume Designer Joseph Porro
Casting by April Webster, C.S.A.
David Bloch, C.S.A.