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Independence Day

What can be said about Independence Day ? Well, it was the 'breakthru' hit for Centropolis (Stargate  is considered the 'sleeper hit'). What started it all? Well... My first glimpse of it was waaaaay back in the very first issue of Cinescape (ironically, they mentioned Godzilla  in same said issue, but before Centro was attached to the project). We thought nothing of it really. It was on the same page as some Bruce Willis thingie, so we kinda just breezed past it.

Well, come Superbowl 30 (I could be wrong in my count), the king of commercial vaudeville, and a little ol' commercial comes along showing the White House being blown up. Well, that done it. People were buzzing about this movie for months based on that alone.

When it finally did come out in theatres, it was a huge hit. (If you can't guess the date it came out, well... you+cave=go back :] )

By the time ID4  left theatres it had pulled in $811,200,000 worldwide and secured itself a number 2 seat in top grossing movies worldwide. (Current list: World All-Time Box Office Chart at

This section features a detailed synopsis of the movie by our own Doc Psy.

So sit back, grab an ibuprofen and crank up the volume, and enjoy!

written by Mark