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February 12, 2006

ISOBAR  approaching principle photography?
After 16 years of being in development, ISOBAR  may finally make it to the big screen! Dean Devlin confirmed that the movie is currently in pre-production at Electric Entertainment.

ISOBAR  was originally to be Roland Emmerich's debut film in Hollywood - 16 years ago. It was listed as a "go" project, but Roland didn't like the script at that time and eventually resigned from the project, and Universal Soldier  became his Hollywood first. (Read more about the background on the Universal Soldier  page.)

[ISOBAR concept art]

ISOBAR  will be produced by Dean Devlin, and was written by Roland Emmerich & Dean Devlin and Tab Murphy, who has written many of Walt Disney's animated features. ISOBAR  is based on an original screenplay by Jim Uhls, who wrote the script of Fight Club . Peter Winther (director of The Librarian ) is to direct the film for a budget of around $70M.

There is an exclusive animatic at, which looks promising. :)

Voltage Pictures has more information on the movie (and other EE productions as well).

Electric Entertainment will announce more details on the project soon. Stay tuned!

posted by Stefan