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June 22, 2007

Trade  at Filmfest München
Filmfest München 2007

From the 22nd to the 30th of June, 2007, Filmfest München will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. Germany’s leading summer film festival is a celebration of contemporary cinema and presents world as well as European and German premieres.

Among the films being shown for the first time to a wider audience in Europe will be Trade , the latest work from director Tiny IMDb logo Marco Kreuzpaintner, which was produced by Roland Emmerich.

The film stars Tiny IMDb logo Kevin Kline who will be awarded the 2007 CineMerit Award for extraordinary contributions to motion pictures as an art form at the premiere of the film, which will be:

Friday, June 29, 7 pm (19:00)

at the Forum am Deutschen Museum, Kino 1

Kreuzpaintner, Emmerich and leading actress Tiny IMDb logo Alicja Bachleda will also be present.

Tickets for the premiere are priced at 8 Euro and can be purchased through the festival's online Ticketshop.

Marco Kreuzpaintner will also receive the Bernhard Wicki Filmpreis - Die Brücke - Der Friedenspreis des Deutschen Films for Trade . Kreuzpaintner's debut film Tiny IMDb logo Sommersturm won the Audience Prize at Filmfest München in 2004.

posted by Stefan