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dedicated to the films of Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin

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#13 Oliver S. November 7, 2:13 pm

tolle Seite; sehr informativ!

#12 Andrea August 6, 8:16 pm
Location: Germany
Hey Stefan!

You do a great work with this site!!

#11 Rita   August 3, 9:00 pm
Location: Germany
This is an interesting and wonderful site for people to meet and share common interests. Great website! Congratulations to the webmaster for a wonderful job!
I look forward to coming here often to see what is new and have keep in my favorites.

#10 F-13 July 21, 4:40 am

Excellent work on the site! You have a true talent. All the best.

#9 Rick   July 20, 4:56 pm
Location: US of A

You are one talented guy. Your site is incredible. May you be successful and happy in all that you do.
#8 Kati   July 20, 4:46 pm
Location: Germany
Hi !

Maybe anyone remember me,lol Nice greetings from Germany on all the Centropoholics and Mr Dean Devlin and Mr Roland Emmerich. This page is good.

Bye for now
#7 Tim McDaniel July 20, 2:06 pm
Nice Site! :)
#6 Sher July 20, 2:20 am
Location: Toon Town
Awesome site, Auric! You do the Holics proud. :)
#5 The Wizard of Oz (mike)   July 19, 9:32 pm
Location: L.A. (though usually 'Oz')
Awesome dude! Like the other guys said... It ROCKS!
#4 JAG! July 19, 9:27 am
Location: 26.2° N x 98.2° W
What can I say? This site rocks!

...and the Devlin/Emmerich award for Fandom goes to.... :o)
#3 Tina   July 16, 11:50 am
Location: somewhere in space
I love this site! :)
#2 Mark July 16, 12:39 am
Location: Earth
Nice work, Stefan. Keep up the good job :]
#1 Stefan   July 16, 12:22 am
Location: Hamburg, Germany
The guestbook has been opened. :)