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The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines

The Librarian : Return to King Solomon's Mines  is the sequel to Electric Entertainment's TV hit The Librarian : Quest for the Spear , the highest rated movie on cable in 2004. Just like its predecessor the film has been produced for Turner Network Television (TNT) (a Time Warner company).

The film has been directed by Tiny IMDb logo Jonathan Frakes, whom we all know from the Star Trek  franchise, where he played Commander Riker and directed several episodes of the different series as well as Star Trek : First Contact  and Star Trek : Insurrection .

Here's a short snippet of what the film's story is about, taken from an article that appeared at (see below):

In this new outing, Flynn teams with a brilliant and beautiful archaeologist (played by Tiny IMDb logo Gabrielle Anwar) during a quest to find the fabled mines of King Solomon.

Large parts of the film were shot in Africa. Part 2 of the series again stars Tiny IMDb logo Noah Wyle as the title character.

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The movie premiered on Sunday, December 3, at 8/7c on TNT.

The DVD is available in online stores since December 19, 2006.