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The Triangle

The first rumors on a new SCI FI Channel mini-series about the Bermuda Triangle appeared on the Internet around May 2003. Rumors said that Bryan Singer, director of such films as The Usual Suspects  and X-Men , and Dean Devlin were together writing and producing the eight-hour mini-series which would be aired in four parts on SCI FI.

Rumors became reality, and the result was the six-hour mini-series The Triangle . The show "will focus on a disparate group of professionals, brought together to investigate the dangerous truths behind one of the greatest legends of our time." (from SCI FI's press release)

For centuries, the Bermuda Triangle has been the location of hundreds of mysterious vanishings. Ships big and small, fighter jets, by-planes, and crafts of all sorts have simply gone missing with no explanation and no clues. All kinds of theories have been posed to explain the Triangle's loss of life, from the really out there (UFOs, rips in the fabric of time) to scientific answers, such as giant plumes of methane rising from the sea floor capable of sinking ships and switching off the engines of airplanes. In the Sci-Fi channel's original movie The Triangle , a journalist, two scientists, and a psychic team up - at the behest of a wealthy shipping magnate - to investigate the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Promised $5 million apiece if they solve the age-old riddle, the team members are mostly skeptical about their endeavor - until a series of increasingly bizarre and inexplicable events shatter their scientific complacency forever.

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The Triangle  was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, and the three parts premiered December 5th, 6th and 7th on Sci-Fi Channel.

Voltage Pictures, the new international sales entity formed by Electric Entertainment and veteran foreign sales expert Nicolas Chartier, will handle international sales for the film.

There is also going to be a book called "Dean Devlin's Triangle" which will be available December 10, 2005, from iBooks, Inc.

Volker Engel and Marc Weigert, who previously worked with Dean Devlin on Centropolis' Independence Day , co-produced The Triangle  with their VFX company Uncharted Territory, "adding maximum VFX horsepower to the effects-heavy production" (quote from website).