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Hollywood Monster (Ghost Chase)

Warren McCloud Jason Lively
Fred Tim McDaniel
Karl Leonard Lansink
Laurie Jill Whitlow
Stan Gordon Paul Gleason
Frederick McCloud Ian McNaughton
Mr. Rosenbaum Chuck Mitchell
Lawyer Stafford Julian Curry
Secretary Cynthia Frost
Pawn Shop Owner Andreas Kovac-Zemen
Laurie's Girlfriend Toby Kaye
Bum Larry Pennell
Production Manager Ernie Lively


Directed by Roland Emmerich
Written by Roland Emmerich and
Thomas Kubisch
Produced by Dean Heyde
Executive Producer Uli Möller
Associate Producer Ute Emmerich
Director of Photography Karl Walter Lindenlaub
Production Design by Ekkehard Schroeer
Sonja B. Zimmer
Edited by Brigitte Pia Fritsche
Costume Design by Susanne Schickert
Special Effects by Hubert Bartholomä
Joachim Grüninger
Music by Hubert Bartholomä
First Assistant Director Oliver Eberle