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Hollywood Monster (Ghost Chase)
Behind the Scenes

I was supposed to be doing the part of the foreman who blows up the building at the end but this movie was made at the time Roland was moving the company to the States. As a result, that sequence was filmed in the States and I didn't get to do it as I live and work in Germany.

Since Roland had offered me a part before they made that decision (based on working with him in Joey  aka Making Contact ), he asked if I would just do one of the group reporters so of course I said sure.

The one story I do remember came about because of meals. In the first movie the meals were delivered to the set by a caterer. On Ghost Chase , they had contracted with a nearby Gasthaus (restaurant) so the entire cast and crew would break and drive/ride over to meals. One day I asked Jason Lively (who was a great guy and very easy going) if he wanted to ride with me over to lunch. As we drove out of the parking lot he looked over at me and said "I've got to tell you, doing movies over here is a lot different. In the States, most of the extras don't drive Porsches." I was driving my Porsche 944. Needless to say, it didn't come from my extra money.

It was a lot of fun doing both movies and I enjoyed working with Roland a lot. I wish he had stayed over here so I could have continued working with him. I have enjoyed watching each new film as it came out. I guess it should be about time for another one.

written by James Heffernan