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Hollywood Monster (Ghost Chase)

Hollywood Monster , one of Roland Emmerich's early productions, is also known by it's American name of Ghost Chase .

Here's the brief (and I do mean brief) synopsis found on the Internet Movie Database:

Plot Summary for Hollywood-Monster (1987)

In an old Hollywood mansion, the spirit of an old family retainer inhabits an old grandfather clock. When a movie company uses the mansion for a film, the spirit inhabits the body of an alien and persuades the two filmmakers to track down an old house that will resolve a family scandal.

When you read the wonderful synopsis done by our own Trina, it makes one wonder if anyone at the IMDb actually saw the movie...

This section also features a report on the "Life on the Set" by Tim McDaniel, who plays Fred in the movie, and a glimpse behind the scenes by James Heffernan.

written by Mark