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Hollywood Monster (Ghost Chase)

Hollywood Monster  (also known as Ghost Chase ), is one of Centropolis' earlier productions. It's Roland Emmerich's third movie, made in 1987, and it is the first film that led him and his crew for shooting to L. A., for the outdoor scenes. The filming was partly done in the "grab-and-run" method back then (shooting without official permission) to save money. A method, Centropolis nowadays easily can do without... The rest of the shooting, the same as all the special effects, were done in a warehouse in Germany.

Of course, one can only conjecture, what the director and everyone involved think now about their early projects, made at that time in the '80's - and in this case particularly Hollywood Monster; also because the film unfortunately wasn't a big success at the boxoffice. But - when I saw it for the first time some years ago, thanks to a friend who found it in a video store, I immediately fell in love with that film... - a special love by the way that's holding on over the years and is happily revived and intensified every time I see it again...! (Stressed also by the fact, I might add, that I am the proud and lucky onwner of a Hollywood Monster  movie poster, with the fabulous Monster himself on it, that is gracing my room...!)

I can only recommend it. This film has a lot of charm and is full of many cute little things, details, references and jokes, which make it so much fun to watch over and over again... And if one should be faced with the question, which three movies to take with him/her to a desert island (together with a VCR and all the needed equipment of course ;-)), at the moment I would recommend: Independence Day , Mickey Blue Eyes  and this one - Hollywood Monster ...

written by Trina