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Godzilla: The Series

First aired:
March 13, 1999

HEAT travels to the South Pole to investigate the disappearance of a research team. Huge flesh eating creatures with an incredible high metabolic rate and body temperatures called The Ice Borers are actually to blame. HEAT, with Godzilla's help, stop them.

First aired:
February 2, 1999

HEAT travels to Scotland near Loch Ness and find the Loch Ness monster. He has been attacking an institute where it turns out that a Dr. Trevor has kidnapped the monster's baby for profit. HEAT discover the Loch Ness monster is a sea lizard who appears every twenty years for reproduction. Godzilla and the monster team up to save the baby.

Psy's addendum: Roddy McDowall, who played Dr. Trevor, died shortly after this episode aired.

First aired:
March 6, 1999

HEAT team travels to Japan where they find a giant robotic ape. It turns out the real foe is a King Cobra. HEAT, the ape, and Godzilla battle the snake as Godzilla is blinded by his venom. Nick gives Godzilla back his sight and he uses his atomic breath to defeat King Cobra. Classic line as Godzilla enters Japan, a boy sees him and tells his mom. The mother tells her son "What would Gojira be doing in Japan?"

Psy's addendum: The female robotics engineer, creator of the "Gorira Roboto" is named Dr. Ifukube, after Maestro Akira Ifukube, who scored every Godzilla movie worth remembering (and a few that aren't).

"Bug Out!"
First aired:
March 20, 1999

Nick realizes that Godzilla is getting smaller and more willful. But because of this, he is going through tantrums. HEAT travels to the rainforest because of reports of huge mutated termites. Nick and Randy design a system of audio signals to create confusion within the termite lair. Godzilla's growing pains start to subside.

"Monster War - Part 1"
First aired:
February 13, 1999

The aliens from the Leviathan slowly start to take over the minds of Elsie, Hicks, Dr. Sopler, D. Hoffman among others. They use telepathy to cause HEAT to fight among themselves while they are preparing to take over Earth. Meanwhile, a huge mutant Bat is discovered as Nick and Godzilla head to Africa to investigate.

Psy's addendum: I've also heard the Bat refered to as "Ceroptora", but that's not official, even if it sounds cool.

"Monster War - Part 2"
First aired:
February 20, 1999

While tracking the Bat, HEAT discovers several of the earlier mutants they fought are alive and well. Also, a Cyber Godzilla, built from the first Godzilla is created with the help of Elsie. The aliens now have control over all the mutants, including Godzilla, as they use them to destroy the major cities of the world.

"Monster War - Part 3"
First aired:
February 27, 1999

The HEAT team find a way to disrupt the Tachyon signals from the aliens which are being use to control minds and free the monsters from the aliens control. The aliens last hope is the Cyber Godzilla, however, Godzilla destroys him as HEAT disable the alien ships. His instinct for Nik (his adopted parent) was stronger than the 'false' instinct that made him follow the Cyber Godzilla. The battle is won for now.

"An Early Frost"
First aired:
May 8, 1999

When it appears that Godzilla is destroying New York City again, the city wants him dead so they want Hicks to get the job done. While looking for Godzilla, HEAT and Hicks discover a chameleon type creature is responsible. They also find that Cameron Winter is responsible. Phillipe returns with orders to kill Godzilla, but Randy and Monique convince him to kill the other creature. Winter escapes again.

"What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been"
First aired:
January 15, 2000

The HEAT team watches as Godzilla is seriously hurt while fighting a giant plant called Bacillus. As he lays near death, Nick and Monique must go inside Godzilla to get rid of the bacteria. Godzilla awakens and fries Bacillus.

"Web Site"
First aired:
May 1, 2000

HEAT travels to the Caribbean to find a numerous amount of spiders. Craven, who has been working on a device to talk to Godzilla, uses it and it fails as Godzilla fights a huge spider then runs away. HEAT and Hicks find a chemical that they use to defeat the spiders and Godzilla returns to battle the huge one.