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Godzilla: The Series

"New Family - Part 1"
First aired:
September 12, 1998

When the Godzilla from the movie is destroyed, his egg hatches. Dr. Nick Tatopoulos develops a bond with this Godzilla and wants to study him along with his HEAT team. Ships begin disappearing off the shores of Jamaica and Godzilla is blamed. Someone calls Major Hicks and tells him Godzilla is at HEAT headquarters in New York. The military arrive and apparently kill Godzilla.

"New Family - Part 2"
First aired:
September 12, 1998

After Godzilla's apparent death, HEAT travels to Jamaica to investigate the ships disappearance and find tar that seems to be alive. They not only discover giant squid but a huge crab creature that feeds on the tar. Godzilla appears and destroys the squids and the monster. He then discovers the ships that disappeared and brings them to the surface. These acts, along with strong advice from Nick, convinces Major Hicks to allow Godzilla to live.

Psy's addendum: The monster is called "Crustacious", though never referred to as such in the episode (everyone's too busy running).

"Talkin' Trash"
First aired:
October 3, 1998

A petroleum eating microbe colony that is developed to take care of New York City's garbage problem comes alive and starts to devour anything it comes into contact with. Godzilla and HEAT come to the rescue as HEAT infects the creature with a computer virus and Godzilla finishes it off.

First aired:
September 26, 1998

HEAT travels to Central American and find a giant Earthworm. Godzilla, who follows Nick, fights the worm, but is struck by a biological weapon from the local military which severely injures him. The worm is hit as well, but it helps the creature to grow further. Craven finds a cure for Godzilla as he uses his atomic breath to take care of the Earthworm.

Psy's addendum: The Earthworm is named "El Gusano Gigante", or "Giant Earthworm". Also, the placement of the episodes "D.O.A." and "Talkin' Trash" was wrong. "Talkin' Trash" (actually episode #103) aired a week after "D.O.A." (episode #104). Not a big flub (there were no continuity problems created because of this).

"The Winter of Our Discontent"
First aired:
October 10, 1998

Cameron Winter, Nick's old college acquaintance, has lured HEAT and Godzilla to his home base. Winter wants HEAT to work for him, but it turns out to be a trap because Winter is only interested in controlling Godzilla to destroy an Army base for profit. Randy sets up the control unit into Godzilla after being manipulated by Winter. However, Randy turns out to be the hero as he hacks into Winter's systems and foils his plan.

"Cat and Mouse"
First aired:
October 31, 1998

Multiple mutated rats begin destroying New York City as Godzilla tries to defend his territory. Unfortunately, his efforts are destroying New York as well. Meanwhile, three rednecks come to New York to kill Godzilla. As the rats trap them with Nick, Godzilla finds the rats burrow and tunnels out to sea, allowing the water to drown the rats.

First aired:
November 14, 1998

HEAT is drawn to the bottom of the ocean to investigate the disappearance of Dr. Alexander Preloran's research team. They find an alien spaceship alive with aliens that is guarded by an dinosaur called Cryptocleidus. HEAT, along with the scientists, find a way to stop the aliens as Godzilla stops the dinosaur(s).

"What Dreams May Come"
First aired:
November 7, 1998

A giant energy monster called the Crackler is destroying certain buildings. Godzilla battles it, but his atomic breath makes it stronger. HEAT discovers that a man named Walker has caused the monster to exist from his thoughts. Randy discovers after an outburst by Walker, the Crackler gets weaker. Randy causes Walker to loose it, and the Crackler disappears.

Psy's addendum: This episode aired before "Leviathan".

First aired:
November 21, 1998

HEAT travels to an island and discover plants that attack and giant mutated bees who are controlled by a queen. Godzilla battles the queen and saves the day as the island is destroyed. HEAT makes it off just in time, as does Godzilla.

"Bird of Paradise"
First aired:
December 5, 1998

A giant flying lizard called Quetzalcoatl starts destroying villages after emerging from a volcano in Mexico. HEAT meets up with Elsie's ex-fiance and discover that Q is protecting its nest that is about to hatch. Godzilla shows up and takes care of business.

Psy's addendum: Trivia: Elsie's ex is named "Larry Cohen", also the name of a famious writer/producer/director who wrote/produced/directed the 1982 movie "Q: The Winged Surpent" staring a smilar incarnation of the flying reptile. But you probably already knew that.