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Godzilla: The Series

Godzilla : The Series  is an animated sci-fi television series based on the original Godzilla  concept. There are 40 episodes, with a running time of half an hour each. Godzilla : The Series  was produced in 1998 and first aired on FOX Television 1998-2000.

[Animated Godzilla]This section of our site contains an episode guide to the animated Godzilla  series that aired primarily on the FOX Television station. Now, something worth mentioning: Centropolis and FOX had a big falling out during The Visitor  (but it sort of started a little after Independence Day ). Yet, Godzilla : The Series  aired nationwide on FOX almost a year after they cancelled The Visitor . Well, this is because Centropolis Television created Godzilla  as a co-production with another company, for syndication. The rights were licensed by Sony/Tristar to FOX, who made the most lucrative offer.

Special thanks for this episode guide goes to Jerry Apgar (a really nice guy, who's not even a Centropoholic!) and our very own Doc Psy for episode numbering, and original air dates (not to mention a few extra tidbits about the episodes)!

Keep two things in mind, although the episode numbers are in chronological order, not all of the episodes were aired in that order (the biggest confusion with this was the three part "Monster Wars" story arc, which had King Cobra, who was supposed to be introduced before the arc, but was actually introduced in an episode that aired (out of order) after the story arc).

The other thing to keep in mind, is that not all of the episodes aired (at least not in the United States), so you may read a few synopsis and go "huh? I don't remember that one." It's hard to remember what you've never seen. :]

written by Mark