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Godzilla: The Series

First aired:
January 29, 2000

HEAT finds a Megaped in Illinois and Indiana that has a poisonous foam and stinging spurs. He then turns into a cocoon and transforms to an giant insect that sits onto a building disrupting radar by rubbing his wings. HEAT sprays some type of foam on his wings and Godzilla defeats him.

"Where is Thy Sting?"
First aired:
February 26, 2000

HEAT and Hicks discover that Hicks' friend Colonel Charles Thompson has been experimenting with genetic scorpions as a weapon for the government called First Wave. Godzilla takes on a huge Scorpion that sprays a deadly poison. HEAT comes up with a way to make the little scorpions attack the big one as Godzilla atomic breath destroys First Wave. Thompson tells Hicks he was wrong, but then order Second Wave to take place.

"Underground Movement"
First aired:
This episode has never been aired

HEAT splits up to investigate strange mutant parasites in Florida and a Giant Mutant Fungus with amino acid tentacles in Michigan. Eventually reuniting in Michigan, the entire group must pull together with Godzilla's help to destroy the fungus.

"The Twister"
First aired:
February 12, 2000

HEAT encounters The Twister, a huge mutant Shrew that somehow got combined with an experimental tornado. The Shrew eats up to three times its body weight a day and is destroying everything in its path. Nick is sucked up into The Twister and activates a device Craven created and the tornado disappears. Godzilla then fights and defeats The Shrew.

Psy's addendum: The episode was called "The Twister". Elsie gave the monster a slightly peppier name: The Shrewster.

"S.C.A.L.E. (Fist of Godzilla)"
First aired:
October 2, 1999

While battling a giant mosquito in Miami that adapts the weapons of the victims whose blood it sucks, HEAT and Godzilla are interrupted by a fanatical group, Fist of Godzilla, and their female leader, Alexandra Hamilton. She wants all mutations to be free. HEAT agrees to accompany Hicks to Monster Island, a government area for captive mutations, and Audrey and Animal stow away on the trip with S.C.A.L.E following. They then release the mutations, which leaves HEAT, Hicks and Godzilla to do battle with the monsters.

Psy's addendum: S.C.A.L.E. stands for: Servants of Creatures Arriving Late to Earth.

"Future Shock"
First aired:
September 18, 1999

HEAT and Godzilla are doing battle with a mutation when HEAT, minus Craven, disappears into a storm in the sea. They learn they are 23 years in the future while the Earth and Godzilla have been overpowered by creatures called DRAGMA. They meet Craven and Hicks in the future and decided to back into time to stop the DRAGMA and their creator before they become too powerful to contain. With Godzilla's help, they succeed.

Psy's addendum: This was the first episode aired in the series' second season.

"End of the Line"
First aired:
December 18, 1999

While on a vacation cruise, Nick and Audrey's ship is attacked by a giant Turtle. They fall off the ship and get to a deserted island to find a giant Komodo Dragon, whom Godzilla is attracted to. Godzilla and the Lizard team up to fight the Turtle, but the Lizard falls down a cliff, along with the Turtle as Hicks stops an attack on Godzilla.

Psy's addendum: The female lizard looked an awful lot like a certain Beast, but was supposedly named "Komodithrax". The Giant Turtle was simply "The Giant Turtle".

"Area 51"
First aired:
February 5, 2000

HEAT travels to Area 51 in Nevada and meets a giant lizard called a Thorny Devil as Randy is attracted to the scientist working. Godzilla's atomic breath cannot penetrate the Thorny Devil's armor, but Godzilla knocks him on his back then fries his stomach where there is no armor.

Psy's addendum: This episode theorized that Area 51 holds no Alien life forms, only genetic mutations created as a result of the nuclear tests conducted throughout the Southwest during the 1950s.

"Clash of the Titans"
First aired:
September 25, 1999

As HEAT is distracted, Godzilla is kidnapped and taken to fight other monsters in a pay per view type of attraction. Its HEAT's turn to rescue Godzilla for a change. As Randy, Nick, Monique, and Elsie are trapped in the pen with the monsters, Craven helps Godzilla from being blinded by a light. Godzilla then easily defeats the monsters and breaks out, not before throwing one of them into the area where the man that kidnapped him was.

Psy's addendum: The monster Godzilla fought in the Arena was called "The Rhinosaurus".

"Tourist Trap"
First aired:
This episode has never been aired

HEAT runs into a slimy opportunist named Milo Sanders who runs a monster tour ship called "Manhattan Monster Line". HEAT also finds a "Deep Dweller", a frog/fish hybrid with bigass shark jaws. Milo sneaks aboard the HEAT Seaker and tapes a "little chat" between Nick and Godzilla. He's caught in the act by Audry and Animal (who were just "capturing things for posterity"). HEAT and their giant, reptilian, 7th member drive the Deep Dweller into the Atlantic.