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Godzilla: The Series

"Wedding Bells Blew"
First aired:
January 22, 2000

Elsie is angry because her family is in town for her sister's wedding. Her family has never fully appreciated her or her work while adoring her sister. When a distress call comes from the local aquarium, HEAT finds a huge bird with ice breath. Elsie's family watches as she and HEAT takes on the monster. Godzilla creates a huge whirlpool at sea which sucks the bird in. Elsie's family finds a new found respect for their daughter.

Psy's addendum: And that looked more like a Manta Ray than a bird to me...

First aired:
July 31, 1999

A mysterious object from outer space lands on Earth and fuses itself with a kids remote control truck. It then begins to combine and consume itself with all sorts of mechanical devices including a nuclear war head and prepares to launch them in Baghdad. After it takes Craven, he finds the CPU and patches Randy into it. He cannot de-activate it, so he changes its launch coordinates into space as it explodes.

First aired:
February 19, 2000

HEAT travels to Blind Rock, Wyoming where they find a young girl whose two brothers have disappeared after entering an old mine. While Monique watches the girl, HEAT discovers a two-headed monster that shoots silver and turns its victims into statues. Nick discovers that the icy mountain waters dissolve the silver. They flood the mine as Godzilla grabs the monster and throws him in the water and he breaks apart.

Psy's addendum: The monster is referred to as the Silver Hydra.

"Trust No One"
First aired:
August 4, 1999

Phillipe informs Monique about an abandoned laboratory in Brazil where scientists developed DNA capable of mimicking any living being by touching it. The Mimic turns into members of HEAT and then into another Godzilla. Nick has to determine which Godzilla to shoot a powerful weapon that will kill it. He makes the right choice.

"Lizard Season"
First aired:
March 11, 2000

Cameron Winter frees the three rednecks from "Cat and Mouse" (episode #106) and gives them his state of the art killing machines to destroy Godzilla. HEAT, Hicks, and Godzilla eventually destroy the machines as the three rednecks are arrested. However, Winter escapes again.

Psy's addendum: I've heard those machines called Battle Mechs.

"The Ballad of Gens DuMarais"
First aired:
This episode has never been aired

Covering Mardi Gras, Audrey and Animal interview Paul Dimanche, whose family is one of the oldest and wealthiest in the French Quarter. When Audrey discovers monster-like attacks in the city, she calls Nick and the HEAT team to investigate. It appears that Georges, the leader of another Dimanche family faction, has summoned a deadly Swamp Creature to destroy Paul.

"Ring of Fire"
First aired:
This episode has never been aired

A fire erupts on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, from which the Creature of Living Flame emerges. HEAT and Godzilla battle this mighty foe, but the creature only gets bigger and more powerful when hit with Godzilla's atomic breath. Cutting off its fuel supply, the creature shrinks and is taken back to HEAT headquarters for further study, but again ends up out of control.

First aired:
October 9, 1999

A Sphinx statue comes to life after a group of archeologist oxidize it. The creature gets its energy from oil, so HEAT and Hicks devise a trap for it. It is discovered that salt water will rust it and return it to its statue form. Godzilla hurls it into the water and saves the day again.

Psy's addendum: And that was "Norzzug the Sphinx".

First aired:
March 18, 2000

In San Francisco, a giant Hummingbird suddenly appears and attacks planes. HEAT discovers that this species feeds off smog emissions and can cloak itself by flapping his wings fast. Craven and Randy team up to build a visor for Godzilla to wear in order to destroy these invisible enemies.

"Freak Show"
First aired:
December 11, 1999

A traveling Carnival comes to Madison Square Garden (apparently rebuilt). The main man in all this is Theodore P. Bunkum, and the bounty he puts on Godzilla's head draws the HEAT team to a show. The star attraction is a shape-shifting tentecled creature called Medusa, able to change from solid to liquid form at will. Unfortunantly, Medusa gets tired of performing tricks, escapes her cage, and begins to rampage through New York, sucking every human she touches try.