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December 11 Changes:
  • Various source code optimizations and bug fixes
  • Improved support for Mozilla Firefox
December 9 Changes:
December 3 Additions:
November 30 Additions:
November 28 Additions: Changes:
November 18 Changes:
November 16 Changes: Corrections:
  • Changed The Librarian  runtime from 2 hours to 90 minutes :]
November 13 Changes:
November 2 Changes:
October 9 Changes:
October 3 Changes: Additions:
September 24 Additions: Changes:
  • Frontpage image rotation deactivated in favor of The Triangle 
August 28 Bug fix:
  • Fixed an internal problem with loading a file.
August 5 Added pages for upcoming films: Changes:
July 5 Additions:
July 4 Changes:
  • Added a space behind highlighted film titles to improve readability
June 19 Changes:
  • Added code to prevent the guestbook from being spammed with messages including offending words
  • Repaired the highlighting of film titles in italics
June 18 Additions:
May 6 Additions:
May 3 Changes:
  • A change in the server configuration made it necessary to update all pages
March 24 Additions: Changes:
  • Fixed a bug with the text indent in the Latest News main menu
March 15 4th Anniversary of
March 11 Additions:
February 20 Changes:
February 13 Phase 4 of the site goes online.

More information about Phase 4 »

Major Changes/Additions:

  • New color engine
  • New bracketcode engine
  • Improved site navigation
  • More consistent titles
Additions: Changes:
  • Changed order of films in the Films section
  • Completed Cast & Crew listing for Joey 
  • Clicking on an image gallery with only 1 category will now open this category directly instead of a category index
  • Descriptions of images in image galleries can now be clicked to open the image
  • Guestbook now shows all entries as default
  • ...