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dedicated to the films of Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin

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November 16 Changed to new design:
November 1 Additions:
September 30 Additions:
September 22 Additions:
  • Some images added to the list of images that appear on the new frontpage (number of images now 12)
September 19 New Phase 3 Portal has been opened
August 28 Additions:
August 21 Additions:
August 10 Additions:
August 9 Additions:
July 31 Additions:
June 26 Additions:
June 3 Additions:
June 1 Additions:
May 31 Additions: Changes:
  • Changed order of sections
May 30 Additions:
May 27 Additions:
May 25 Additions:
May 13 Additions:
  • Added a "to top" link to the bottom of the pages
  • Changed the arrow links in the news items to point to the top of the page instead of the list
May 5 Changes:
April 21 Additions: Major updates:
  • Header graphics improved
April 18 Additions:
April 5 Additions: Bug fix: The page content is now displaying correctly centered in Opera 7.
March 30 Additions:
March 27 Additions:
March 21 Additions:
March 19 Additions:
March 18 Additions:
March 17 Additions:
March 16 Additions:
March 15 Phase 2 of the site goes online.

Only 5 pages are available:

March 5 After an 80-day period of time, is available for registration again. Stefan registers it right away.