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December 19 Changes:
  • Updated Films main index
  • Updated Box Office Results and fixed a bug
  • Improved support for Mozilla Firefox 2 ("≡" characters were incorrectly displayed as "=")
  • Various smaller updates
December 4 Changes:
December 3 Additions: Changes:
  • Frontpage image rotation deactivated in favor of The Librarian 
October 15 Changes:
  • Updated U.S. release date of Trade  from October 13, 2006 to April 2007
October 1 Additions: Changes:
September 17 Additions: Changes:
  • Updated Flyboys  - Introduction
  • Updated imagebar on Flyboys  pages
  • Moved number of images in overview of image gallery categories to an own column
  • Fixed a bug with line breaks in the HTML code
September 2 Changes:
  • Updated U.S. release date of Flyboys  from September 29 to September 22, 2006
August 29 Additions: Changes:
  • Updated all imagebars in the Films section
August 24 Changes:
  • Frontpage image rotation deactivated in favor of the upcoming Flyboys  movie
  • Added countdown to release of Flyboys  to frontpage
  • Updated Films section
July 3 Changes:
May 21 Changes:
  • Removed Message Boards main section (contained special links to the old Electric Entertainment message boards)
May 10 Changes:
April 7 Changes:
March 30 Changes:
  • Improved protection from spam in the guestbook
March 15 5th Anniversary of
February 1 Additions: Changes:
January 31 Changes:
January 6 Changes:
  • Various smaller updates
January 1 Changes:
  • Frontpage image promoting The Triangle  replaced by New Year greeting