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December 16 Additions:
December 11 Additions:
November 23 Updates: Additions:
  • Added separation lines and e-mail icons to Guestbook
October 6 Additions:
September 19 Changes:
  • Allowed search engines to list the site
September 12 Additions:
September 10 Updates:
August 11 Additions:
July 24 Additions: Changes:
  • Removed the "Up one level" link (top right) when it leads to the main portal
  • Improved internal error handling
July 19 Additions: Changes:
  • Moved "Powered by" and "Validation" tags on credits page to right side bar
  • Moved sign button in guestbook to right side bar
July 18 Changes:
July 15 Additions:
July 13 Changes:
  • Updated Cellular  main page and poster
  • Exchanged The Day After Tomorrow  teaser poster by release poster
  • Reactivated news system by using a MySQL database
July 8 Changes:
May 27 Additions:
May 26 Additions:
May 22 Additions: Changes: Corrections/Fixes:
May 2 Some additions/updates for The Day After Tomorrow


April 20 Frontpage updated for upcoming release of The Day After Tomorrow
April 2 Changed to new design:
March 31 Changed to new design: Other Additions/Changes:
  • Improved navigation by adding an "Up one level" link (top right)
  • Improved quality of some of the movie posters
March 27 Changed to new design:
March 25 Stefan takes over the domain from Bianca, who wants to concentrate on a new web project.
March 19 Changed to new design: Updated:
March 17 Changed to new design:
March 15 3rd Anniversary of
March 14 Changed to new design: Changes:
January 31 Additions/Changes:
  • C/E logo modified
  • Background images and borders added to menus of new layout
  • Internal menu system improved