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The Visitor

Adam MacArthur John Corbett
Colonel James Vise Steve Railsback
Agent Douglas Wilcox Grand L. Bush
Agent Nicholas LaRue Leon Rippy
Agent Craig Van Patten John Storey

[The Visitor - Cast & Crew: Leon Rippy, John Storey, Dean Devlin and Grand L. Bush]


Pilot Episode

Directed by Kevin Kerslake
Written by Dean Devlin &
Roland Emmerich
Production Design by Simon Murton

Fear of Flying

Directed by Randall Zisk
Written by Dean Devlin &
Roland Emmerich
and John Masius

Devil's Rainbow

Directed by Donna Deitch
Written by Hans Tobeason


Directed by Tucker Gates
Written by Edward Gold


Directed by Allan Arkush
Written by Hans Tobeason

The Black Box

Directed by Fred Keller
Written by Norman Morrill


Directed by Davis Guggenheim
Written by Hans Tobeason


Directed by Tony Bill
Written by Valerie Mayhew &
Vivian Mayhew


Directed by Kevin Kerslake
Written by Dean Devlin

Going Home

Directed by Randall Zisk
Written by Edward Gold &
Todd Adam Kessler


Directed by Patrick R. Norris
Written by Norman Morrill

The Chain

Directed by Ian Toynton
Written by Ayn Marie Carrillo &
Samuel W. Gailey

The Trial

Directed by Timothy Van Patten
Written by Gene Gennis &
Phyllis Murphy

Produced by Norman Morrill
Scott White
Executive Producers Dean Devlin
Roland Emmerich
John Masius
Supervising Producers Ute Emmerich
William Fay
Co-Producers Harker Wade
Monica Wyatt
Associate Producers Arturs Rusis
Peter Winther
Consulting Producers Thania St. John
Hans Tobeason
Co-Executive Producer Randall Zisk
Director of Photography John S. Bartley
Production Design by Gregory Melton
Editing by Peter S. Elliot
Frederick Peterson
Noel Rogers
Ron Rosen
Music by David Arnold
(Main Theme)
Kevin Kiner
Art Direction by Alex Hajdu
Sarah Knowles
Set Decoration by Laura Lee Langton
Natalie Pope
Costume Design by Enid Harris
Jennifer Levy