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The Visitor

First aired:
October 17, 1997

Danny Kessler shows his friend Melissa how his experiments with destructive interference can make an entire city black out. He lets Melissa type in the password to get his gadgetry to function. From their vantage point in Bel Air, they can see a darkened Los Angeles. Then Danny tells Melissa to wait. Then they see two streets light up, which cross each other. "The landing sight?" Melissa asks.

The leader of the cult, where Danny and Melissa stay, gives a lecture to potential new members. Adam MacArthur is in the audience. Afterwards, Adam and the leader Thomas, talk, and Adam agrees to join the group. Melissa's mother gives him a tour of the compound, she is his "facilitator". She handed Adam a power of attorney form, wanting him to turn his assets over to the cult, but Adam explained that he didn't have any assets.

Adam drops by the cult's TV studio, where they tape and 'netcast testimonials, from the members. Danny is giving his testimony. Afterwards, he and Thomas hug. Thomas wants Adam to go on next. They tape Adam saying that everyone has accepted him at Omega. Afterwards, Thomas shows Adam a bank of TV monitors, and explains that they monitor all "alien frequencies" for a sign, that the Mothership has come, at which time, the Omega members will all "ascend" and be "raptured to joy."

Melissa comes in, to watch the studio taping. But, she suddenly has a seizure! She falls to the floor, and Danny explains her situation to Adam, who has come over to help. Adam concentrates, and puts his finger on her forehead. Everyone sees a glow, as Adam calms her brainwaves.

Danny shows Adam his experiments with destructive interference. How he can "cancel" sound and light waves. Then, they hear a woman scream. Danny and Adam run to the TV studio, and so does Thomas. The lady points to the monitor and is excitedly saying that the sign they had been waiting for has come. After a few moments, they saw that it was a false alarm. Thomas begins to yell at Danny for being too slow with his experiment's progress, and they must be ready in time for the Mothership. Adam is not pleased. Danny promises it will be done in time.

FBI Agent Sarah Lawson sees the 'netcast of Adam's taped testimonial. She sees that he is a new one, so she sends his picture to FBI headquarters, for an I.D. Meanwhile, the NSA discovers L.A.'s lit up "X" on satellite photos, and discover that Adam is at Omega, by intercepting, somehow, the FBI's communication on the new cult member.

FBI Agents Wilcox, LaRue and Van Patten arrive at Sarah Lawson's stake-out house across the street from the Omega compound. Lawson fills them in, that the blackout was traced to Omega, and they are waiting for a warrant, before they can go in. Omega is aware of the FBI's presence.

Adam is sitting outside. Melissa visits him, and shows him that her music box is broken. Adam fixes it for her. Melissa tells Adam how, when the Mothership comes, the aliens will fix her brain, so she won't get any more seizures, and her muscles will work. Then she said that the bad men across the street don't want them to go, so that's why Thomas has guns, just in case.

Van Patten is hanging out in the stake out house, watching Omega's 'netcast. He defends their "unconditional love" to LaRue. Meanwhile, Adam finds Danny, and tells him there is no Mothership, and that Danny's contention that he had been abducted, and therefore "chosen" was not true. Danny tells Adam that he doesn't know what he's talking about. Adam laughs and shows him, by doing a little computer programming, then placing his hands on Danny's scanner, and concentrating. On the monitor, and also on Omega's 'netcast, is seen images of the experiments that were performed on Adam, during his abduction. Thomas rushes in excitedly, and proclaims that Adam is the sigh they have been waiting for, a messenger from the aliens.

Van Patten is surprised that they, the FBI has actually beat Vise and the NSA to the scene, for once. Wilcox voices his opinion that the NSA has a mole in the FBI, in order to know so much, and basically always show up at the same place and time, as they do.

Thomas goes on the 'net, to announce the immanence of the "rapture". Danny tells Adam how his gadgetry can also "cancel" brainwaves, and how they must "clear the landing area of contamination." Thomas introduces Adam as the messanger, so Adam steps up and says, "I am a messanger... And the taking of innocent lives is wrong." Thomas is not pleased, but he has bigger problems. On a surveilance monitor, they see that there is a big black semi truck pulling up, out front. It is Vise. Wilcox tells him off, for blowing their cover.

Thomas finds Danny, and yells at him and beats him, for not being done. Adam intervenes, so Thomas apologizes to Danny. After Thomas leaves Danny defends Thomas' behavior. That night, Adam tells Danny that his research could help people like Melissa, instead of destroying. He goes on to say that Danny's belief in an alien abduction was only so he wouldn't have to face the reality of what really happened. Adam sets up the computer and scanner again, and grabs Danny's hands, and holds them onto the scanner. On the screen appears Danny's memories, of his father's abusive behavior toward him.

Danny runs outside. Adam tackles him and tells him he can leave the cult. Danny says, "I can't! They always know where I am!" He shows Adam his ankle bracelet. Melissa's mother trains a gun on them. "We thought it best to keep Danny safe at all times. His work is so crucial", she rationalized. They tie up Adam. Thomas "explains" that since the messanger has taken human form, he is also subject to human weakness. He wasn't able to handle it.

Thomas wants Danny to fire up his destructive interference transmitter. Danny says, "I can't." Thomas says, "don't make me hurt you." Danny says, "so, kill me then Thomas." Thomas beats Danny, but he finds the strength to say no. Melissa's mother convinces her to tell Thomas the password. Thomas gathers all his followers into the studio, which is shielded from the "rays", then fires up the transmitter. The FBI agents, who have now gathered outside, warrant in hand, notice that the transmitter tower is operating. They take it out with a missle. When Thomas turns around again, he sees that Adam and Danny have escaped.

Both the FBI and the NSA crash the gates and invade. Tanks, agents, and soldiers pour in. The cult members leave the studio and arm themselves. The cult members fire first, and a fire fight ensues. The compound starts to burn. Melissa and her mother are still in the studio with Thomas. Thomas is still trying to operate the transmitter. Danny convinces Adam, that they have to find Melissa, so she will be safe. They go to the studio door, but they can't get in. Thomas makes the thing run, but then he holds his head and screams. Melissa's mother holds a gun on Adam and Danny, and says that Melissa is safe inside with Thomas. Danny yells that if Thomas tries to operate the transmitter, it will feed back into the studio. The studio door blows open. They get in, to find Melissa lying on the floor. Adam sees that she is still breathing, so he holds Melissa's head and makes her glow. She wakes up.

Agent Lawson finds Adam in the studio, and puts her gun on him. Adam tells her, "I need your help, Sarah." The studio is burning, so Melissa's mother runs out, but some studio lighting falls on her. Everyone helps get it off her, and Lawson escorts everyone to safety, then goes back for Adam, who has disappeared. Lawson comes out herself, and Wilcox asks her if she saw MacArthur. She said, "it turns out he wasn't even in there."