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The Visitor

"Fear of Flying"
First aired:
September 26, 1997

Adam accesses classified government files, via a computer in a federal building. The NSA notices the breach, and traces the origin of the break-in. As the NSA's soldiers rush into the building, Adam non-chalantly walks down the very same steps the soldiers are running up!

Nadine receives a house-plant from a delivery boy. The note says: "All living things are connected. Plant me." While she is digging in the dirt, in her greenhouse, she find a buried zip disk. Adam calls her on the phone, and asks Tyler to read him the first name on the list, in the zip disk, which Adam had previously downloaded from the Pentagon. It is one Louis Faraday, Ph.D., living in Pocatello, ID.

Faraday loses his position as a high school metal shop teacher. He tries to kill himself. Adam arrives, just in time to save him. After dinner, they go back to the high school, where Faraday shows Adam a vintage airplane, and complains that he can't get the engine running. Adam fixes it.

The FBI agents visit Nadine, and they ask to see Tyler. They discover that Tyler is missing. The FBI agents detain Nadine for questioning. She tells them where Adam is. The FBI agents bring Nadine and drive to Pocatello.

Tyler shows up at Faraday's house, where Adam is showing Faraday his ability to levitate. Adam was trying to inspire Faraday to continue with his anti-gravity research, which he had abandoned. Meanwhile, the NSA breaks into Nadine's house, and find the data in the computer, from Adam's zip disk. So, they know that he went to Pocatello. Faraday studies, and takes data of Adam as he levitates. Later, when Adam and Tyler are at the high school, Faraday is able to make an apple float in mid-air. Faraday is so excited by this, that he runs naked down the street, yelling "Eureka!!" But while he is out, he sees the NSA raid his home. He grabs a pink robe from a nearby clothes line, and heads to the high school, to warn Adam.

The FBI agents arrive at the highschool, to search for Adam. Nadine escapes from their car, and finds Tyler and Adam. Adam and Faraday fire up the now working airplane, and crash through the wall of the metal shop. The plane heads down the street, gaining speed. The FBI gives chase. But then, the NSA humvees turn the corner, and are heading right for the plane! Faraday fears that there is not enough road to take off. Adam tells Faraday to concentrate and help the plane levitate. They both close their eyes. Their airplane buzzes the humvees, as it takes flight, just in time.

Adam gets away, but Faraday is detained by the NSA. He is put in solitary confinement, since the NSA considers him a threat to national security. But, Faraday doesn't mind so much, since his mind is still free, and he knows how to levitate.