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The Visitor

"Devil's Rainbow"
First aired:
October 3, 1997

Adam is driving a bus to Girard, NM. Somehow, Vise of the NSA tracks him down, and makes the bus stop on some train tracks, by positioning his black helicopter in the bus' path. Vise trains his M-16 on Adam, but Adam notices that a train is coming! He helps the passengers to get of the bus, then jumps from the bus himself, just as the train hits the bus.

Adam walks the rest of the way to Girard. He enters a saloon. There, he meets Charlie, and fixes the bar's ancient glass washing machine. Monroe comes in, and Adam asks him about Charlie's father, Jason. But instead, Monroe tells him about the "Devil's Rainbow": mysterious lights, which follow an earthquake.

The FBI agents find out about the NSA's run-in with MacArthur. They show up at the site of the train wreck. But, Vise and his soldiers go to the secret NSA facility, which is buried underground, nearby. Vise warns them to tighten security, since he fears that MacArthur will try to break in. Vise's superior, General Montgraf is not pleased to find out that a "live extra-terrestrial", as he puts it, may be snooping around. He shows Vise what they are doing with an alien artifact, that Vise had previously found. The device that creates the "Devil's Rainbow", when they test it's power. Then, he tells Vise, "We light the 'torch' in 49 minutes. If he's topside, he's gonna fry like whitefish on a skillet. And if he's down here, you are."

The next day, Adam plans to go to the facility and break in. Charlie is driving, but the jeep won't start. Adam fixes it. Adam gets in the car, and Monroe joins them. At the facility, as they scope out the entrance, Monroe tells him about how to get in. Monroe had worked on making ventilation tunnels for the facility. Adam leaves them, and heads toward the ventilation shafts. Just then, they fire up the alien device and the "Devil's Rainbow" appears. Adam is in danger of getting fried by it, so he crawls into a leftover vent shaft section that is lying there.

The FBI agents arrive at the empty saloon, where they find the owner's name: Charlotte Dalton. Then they find a photograph, dated 1940, of Constance and Adam MacArthur. Agent LaRue says, "I feel like we've fallen down a rabbit hole." Meanwhile, Adam jumps down the 2000 foot deep ventilation shaft. The 200 mph updraft is slowing his decent, but will he be going too slowly, to make it past the giant fan in one piece?

Adam lands at the bottom, intact! But, his movement set off the security alarm. Adam enters the chamber with the alien device in it, and removes it. But, he can't get out the way he came in! So, he must run through the corridors. Vise and his soldiers give chase. Adam destroyed a transformer, and the lights went out. The soldiers fire at him, and miss! Adam steals a jeep, and heads for the outside. Vise gets in the next jeep, to chase him. Adam makes it out, but Vise is blocked by a truck. Adam crashes his jeep through the gate and returns to the saloon, where Charlie and Monroe have also returned.

Adam shows Charlie the device. He tells her, "it's like a magnifying glass, only it magnifies energy, not light." Then Charlie tells Adam about her grandmother Constance, who bought the saloon with her pension, after her husband died in a plane crash. Poor Adam cries, when he hears how angry and bitter Constance was, that her husband left.

The FBI agents, who are driving away from the saloon, get a call from Mother, who inform them that Charlie Dalton is Adam MacArthur's granddaugter. They turn around and head back. The NSA is already there, and Vise is telling Adam to come out and surrender. They fire a dud grenade as a warning. Fortunately, the NSA neglected to surround the building, so Adam is able to get Charlie and Monroe, Charlie's kitty and the old photographs out the back door, and into her jeep.

Then Vise starts counting down, to fire a live grenade! Just then, FBI agent Wilcox, steps behind Vise, holding a shotgun, and says, "don't make me shoot you, Vise." Vise ignores him and counts down. Adam steps near the door way, and says he can't surrender. They shoot the grenade! The soldiers and the FBI agents hit the dirt, as Adam runs out the front door, tossing the device inside. Adam runs around the back, as the saloon blows up, and the device is destroyed. Adam jumps in the jeep, and they drive off.

Wilcox is livid at Vise! He tells him, "this behavior is unacceptable. Even in war!" Vise responds, "this is war. And, I'm the last line of defense."

At a safe distance, the Charlie's jeep stops, and Adam gets out. Adam assures Charlie that, even though he must go away, he will never leave her, even though her father Jason, and her husband had. Adam kisses her on the forehead, then walks away. Charlie gets back in the jeep, and Monroe shows her the old photo of her grandparents. She notices how the man, who was walking away, looked just like her grandfather. She looks at him, and calls out, "Adam? Come back! Adam!" But, he disappears into the mist.