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The Visitor

The Visitor  is a sci-fi television series produced by Centropolis Television in association with 20th Century Fox Television. There are 13 episodes, with a running time of 1 hour each. The Visitor  was produced in 1997/1998 and first aired on FOX Network.

The content from this section was culled from Sharifa's Visitor Episode Guide and Sharifa's Visitor Memorial. So for her help, we give special thanks to Sharifa, and for her assistance with Sharifa's site, and her permission to reuse some of the material she created for the sites, we also give a shout out to Agent Pat!

Right now, we have this wonderfully extensive The Visitor  Episode Guide, listed by episode name in chronological order. Also, please note that the links marked like this within the episode guides lead to MP3 format sound clips. Clicking on them should open a new window with a browser plug-in playing the chosen file. On some systems, you may need to right click and 'Save As...' (or 'Save Target As...' in Netscape) to save and play them.

The Story

"In the dark skies above Utah, the Air Force is tracking an unidentified aircraft. Crash-landing on a mountain side, Adam MacArthur mysteriously emerges from the wreckage of the downed craft. His sudden appearance sparks a manhunt by opposing national security departments, each with its own agenda to find out who Adam is, how he survived, and why he returned.

It appears that Adam, missing in action since World War II, is still the young man he was 50 years ago prior to disappearing into the Bermuda Triangle. Outwardly unchanged by his mysterious absence, Adam was abducted by an alien race that tapped into the largely unused portion of his brain. This explains his amazing ability to access the metaphysical, giving him a seemingly spiritual power to utilize his mind and body in extraordinary ways.

On the run from both human and otherworldly forces, with a mysterious mission to complete, Adam eludes his pursuers to embark on a harrowing quest of enormous proportions that will take him in and out of the lives of strangers - all of whom will find themselves changed by their contact with him."

(taken from FOX press-release information)