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The Visitor

First aired:
October 31, 1997

[DJ Bob broadcasts the Halloween graveyard shift at KGUP.] DJ Bob broadcasts for the graveyard shift on KGUP, a low-power FM radio station, Halloween night. He tells the listeners that "the full moon is going to shine tonight. Perfect monster weather... DJ Bob's goin' to keep those monsters off your porch, and in your heads, where they belong." [DJ Bob sees a spacecraft landing!]

After DJ Bob puts on a tune, the sky flashes. He thinks it's lightning, but when he looks out the window, he sees it's a "starry, starry night, not a thunder-bumper in sight." Just then some of his equipment starts exploding and he feels an earthquake. He looks out and sees a UFO decending! "Oh my God, it's the War of the Worlds!" He exclaims. He starts barracading himself inside. He's freaking out. He sees the phone and tries to call but the phone doesn't work! "Hello? Hello!" he cries.

Bob finally realizes he's in a radio station, and uses the mic. "If anyone is listening, call the police!" He pleads, "no, call the national guard, or the army -- somebody with guns... There's a UFO alien invader saucer right outside my window... At least there used to be one outside, but they are on the move! For the love of mercy! Somebody call somebody before it's too late!"

DJ Bob hits the lights. In the dark, he promises his listeners, "I'll hang on as long as I can. I will keep broadcasting until the end. I will not let you down." He dons his sunglasses.

At the carnival, a man in a Lincoln mask turns off the radio which had been playing DJ Bob's broadcast, and asks Adam what his business is in town, since Adam obviously wasn't there for the festival, since he didn't have a costume. Adam asks where he could find the radio station that "Lincoln" was just listening to. Lincoln gives him directions. Adam gets out his tracking device scans the area, then walks off. [Two small figures travel silently through the dark misty woods.]

Two strange figures travel slowly and silently through the woods. Their small bodies with unusually long fingers are silhouetted in the mist. Their faces and form are just like we always thought alien visitors would look like.

The pair stops near a lake, and looks up to see a space craft hovering in midair. They pause to look at each other. Then the turn back toward the ship and shout, "cool!" They proceed to remove their heads. Revealed under the costume are two teenagers. The female of the species snaps a picture with her camera, and asks, "do you think it's for the festival?" The male is still agape at the sight of the ship, but replies, "it must be, c'mon let's check it out." The pair advance forward. [The extraterrestrial sees the teens.]

Just then, a bright light is shown in their faces. They are startled and cry out. They see a cyborg-like figure coming toward them. The boy and girl scream in terror and run. They crouch down behind a fallen tree. A black rabbit hops out to greet them. They see it and scream again, and run some more. The girl continues screaming as they run. They get to the road, and another bright light is shown in their faces.

The car honks, and a man in a Ronald Reagan mask tells them to be more careful. He drives off. The kids look up as car leaves them. They see a man standing there and they scream again. Adam walks across the road to them, as he asks, "Are you O.K.? Did you see a ghost or something?" The girl nods, wide eyed.

The figure from the space craft enters a building and reaches out his lobster-claw-like appendage. It clamps down on the neck of a garment. He exits the building wearing the cloak, and purposefully walks away.

DJ Bob peers out his window as he tells his listeners, "I can hear them, the way you can hear the termites working away at your grandfather's favorite humidor... The kind of sound that insinuates itself into your subconscious. You hear it... but you don't!" He moves over to the console and puts on a CD. "Keeping the monsters at bay", he says as an introduction to the music. The cat growls. DJ Bob pulls his feet up off the floor in defense. After looking around one more time, he lays his head down, closes his eyes, and concentrates on the music. [Mother fills the FBI agents in.]

In a night-flying helicopter, FBI agents Wilcox, LaRue and Van Patten get the word from Mother, via internet videophone, that she hasn't been able to locate Adam MacArthur, but she has been able to locate Vise. She told them he had arrived in Portland, Oregon five hours before. Wilcox tries to determine how far Vise could have traveled from PDX in that time. 300 miles. Too far to trace. But LaRue points out, "Vise is like a big ole caddy draggin' tin cans after a weddin'. Eventually somebody's gonna hear him or see him. I say we go to Portland and wait for word... Find Vise, find MacArthur." Wilcox agrees.

The teenagers are excitedly telling Adam all about the spacecraft and creature they saw, as they walk. Adam tries to calm them down and asks, "are you sure he tried to kill you?" "Yeah!" They replied in unison. "I don't think so", Adam says. "We saw!" The pair protested. "Well, you'll have to trust me on this one", Adam told them. The girl wondered, "so I take that means you don't believe us about the Martian spaceship either, do you?" "I do", Adam assured her. She asked, "well, how come you don't believe us about the Martian guy?" "Well I do, kind of", Adam says, "he wasn't trying to kill you, trust me!" [The teens lead Adam through the woods to their house.]

The boy asks Adam, "are you one of those goverment agents that chases UFOs?" Adam chuckles and denys it. The girl chimes in with, "of course not, numb-brain, he's not wearing black." "Then how come he knows so much, you little freak?" The boy retorts. "Maybe he's one of them", the girl theorizes. "Martians don't have long hair", the boy insists. The trio climbs a hill, and Adam asks, "are we close?" "Yeah, we're here", they tell him. They reach the top and Adam sees a large darkened house. They go inside.

Colonel Vise is asleep in the back of a truck. His sergeant wakes him, and informs him that the low-res sweep is clean. And none of the tracking stations have been able to pick up the bogey, after they lost track of it over central Oregon. The sergeant is of the opinion that central Oregon is where the bogey still is. Vise asks him what he recommends. The sergeant replies, "I recommend a a 10-meter high resolution pass then if we need it, one from the full-spectrum bird. We'll pick him up eventually, and when we find the bogey, we'll find MacArthur." Vise tells him, "You're doing a good job. Wake me when you find him." Vise lays back down to sleep.

The boy flips on the lights inside the house. The kids unhappily explain that their family is moving into a smaller house. Adam asks where their folks are. "At the new house", the girl answers. "They left you all alone?" Adam wants to know. "Not exactly..." she admits. "We snuck out", the boy adds. "You ran away? How come?" Adam asks. "Because. We hate it... This is our house", the girl explains. The boy tells him, "noone even asked if we wanted to go." "Did you talk to them about it?" Asks Adam. "Yeah right", the boy answers, "ever since dad lost his job, all they do is fight." The teens start arguing over the situation and what should be done about it. Adam wants them to calm down, but the girl runs upstairs telling her brother, "Carlo, I hate you!" Her brother runs after her, yelling back.

When Adam is alone, he takes his tracking device out and looks at the readout. He is unsatisfied with what he reads. He goes upstairs and finds the pair sitting on the floor in a bedroom. Donna is quitely crying, with her back to her brother. "You're pretty mad at your folks, aren't you? It's tough leaving home. It's tough facing your problems. I think things work out better though, if you do. Why don't you tell your folks how you feel?" Donna objects, "they don't care how we feel." "Did they say that to you?" Adam asks her. "No, not exactly", admits Carlo. [The twins ask for a password.]

They hear a bang. Adam heads for the door. "Stay in the room, don't open the door", he instructs. "We need a password!" The pair pleads. "You need a password? How about 'axemurderer?'" Adam says, and closes the door behind him.

Adam takes out his tracking device again and says to himself, "he's close." He heads down the stairs. He checks the lights again. They are now dead. He looks around in the kitchen, but nothing is there. On his way to examine other rooms in the house, Adam narrowly avoids being hit by a large falling box. Calmly and quietly, he speaks, "I asked you to stay in your room. I don't need your help." He looks up at them standing at the top of the stairs. They go back. Adam goes outside to try to follow the readings his device was giving him, but no luck. [The extraterrestrial beams into his spacecraft.]

The mysterious heavy-breathing figure returns to his spacecraft. The craft rises into mid air, and the creature walks underneath. A bluish beam of light envelops him and he disappears inside the craft.

The sergeant points out to Colonel Vise that data they've been gathering from the satellite is consistant with previous silent runners they've picked up. He proceeds to inform the Colonel about Mill Lake, Oregon, their destination. Vise asks if the area has "any hits on our database?" "Too few to blip the stats", the sergeant answers. "Well, somebody painted a bullseye on it", Vise responds, "E.T.A.?" "Under ninety minutes, sir", is the answer. "Good", Vise says, "I want every orbital asset we have overhead by then." He then makes a phone call. [Vise inside his black semi.]

The sergeant moves over to the console. Shortly after, some transmission static is heard, and the sergeant calls to Vise, "Sir, you might want to take a listen to this." Vise hangs up and comes over. A desperate voice is heard, "why isn't anyone listening? They're here! The hideous green-eyed, pitchforked, two-headed creatures from outerspace! It's a matter of time, before they start killing us all! The saucer is here! The aliens are here! Somebody help meee!" The sergeant explains: "The spyglass bird picked it up, sir. It's a low-power radio station. In Mill Lake."

The desperate rant continues: "Cowards! My blood is on your hands. Can you live with that? Doesn't anyone have the guts to take these monsters on?" DJ Bob realizes noone is interested in helping. And indeed they aren't. The cops at the station are being enormously entertained by the silliness coming across the airwaves. [DJ Bob takes a stand!]

"So, that's it, isn't it?" DJ Bob asks. Noone will be taking a stand but him, he concludes. "When the going gets tough. When it falls on the few, the chosen few..." DJ Bob climbs up on the desk and purposefully removes his jacket and throws it to the ground as he states, " draw that wiggly little line in the dirt. Well, I'm gonna take that stand. I'm gonna draw that line!" He lifts his fist skywards and yells, "Listen up, my lily-livered phantom friends: This will be DJ Bob's finest hour!!!" He spins around, ready for action. His foot comes down on a billiard ball, he loses his balance and lands head first on the shag rug, below. DJ Bob is out cold.

Meanwhile, back at the house, there is a knock at the bedroom door. "Who is it?" The boy asks at the prompting of his sister. "Axemurderer", a voice answers. Warily, Carlo asks, "how do I know you're not really an axemurderer?" The answer comes, "I wouldn't be wasting my time chatting, I'd be chopping the door down, now open up." Carlo opens the door. Adam enters, and Carlo closes the door again, behind him.

Adam peers out the window. He tells them, "I need to find that spaceship that you saw. Can you show me where you saw it?" "Why?" Carlo asks. Adam looks at him. After a moment's hesitation, he answers, "'cause it's here to take me back. I can't let that happen." At Donna's prompting, Carlo plucks up his courage, and asks, "so, are you one of them?" "No, I'm a human just like you, I was taken along time ago. I escaped and now they want me back", Adam explained, "would you show me where the ship is, please?" [Mother tells the FBI agents that many spy satellites are over Oregon.]

An alien appears, speaking some unitelligable language. It looks every bit like the aliens from the TV show, "Space Precinct". The alien turns to communicate with his companion of the same species. He is wearing a shirt and necktie. A sound interrupts the transmission. The aliens disappear. "Mother", Van Patten aknowledges. "Watching silly movies on Bureau time again, Craig?" Mother asks, scolding him. "We're refueling!" Van Patten objects.

Mother tells the boys, "a number of our most classified spy satellites have been flying over your heads." After Mother hangs up, Van Patten tunes back into the TV station he was watching. "Check this out", he tells the others, "there's a report about a radio station broadcasting a 'War of the Worlds' spoof. This station is not far from here-- a little town called Mill Lake. The DJ is saying that he saw a flying saucer land outside his window." [The spacecraft hides under the lake surface.]

Adam and the twins return to the lakeside clearing. There is no spaceship in sight. "Right here?" Asks Adam. Carlo is surprised by it's absence, "it was just here!" Adam asks, "What were you guys doing out here?" "Taking a shortcut into town", Carlo tells him. Donna adds, "the parade's tonight, we've been working on our costumes all year!" They beg Adam to let them go, so they won't miss the costume parade. "O.K., I'll walk with you", Adam agrees, taking one last look around. They head off, within feet of the craft, hidden under the water.

Adam and the teens arrive at the carnival. A man with two heads walks by. Donna points and asks, "is that what they look like?" "No", says Adam, chuckling. "Well what do they look like? If you don't know what they look like, how are you gonna know who you're running from?" Donna asks. Carlo tells her, "maybe he's not running away... Are you running away?" Adam answers the question in the negative.

Donna spys a carnival game she wants to play. They go over and the carny hands her 3 balls to throw at the clown faces on the back wall of his booth. Adam keeps looking around as he tells them, "I don't think you should run away from something because you don't like it or agree with it." "What if it's evil?" Carlo wants to know, as Donna throws her balls. "You guys ran away. You're parents aren't evil. You ran away 'cause you didn't agree with them", Adam theorized, "just like you assume the Martian has to be a monster, you assume your parents didn't have a good reason to move." Donna misses all her tries. Adam concludes, "Martians have two heads, and your parents are wrong? You guys are prejudiced!"

"So", Donna asks, "when you find your Martian guy, you're gonna tell him he's prejudiced and he's gonna go away?" Adam tells them, "I thought I'd sabotage his space ship, so he couldn't take me back." Adam picks up a set of balls to throw. "Cool", Carlo responds, "and Plan B?" "Workin' on it", Adam admits. "He's gonna run, just like I thought", predicts Donna.

Adam throws his 3 balls in rapid succession. He doesn't hit the clown faces. They move out of the balls' way before they get there. The faces moved, the bells rang, and he's won the prize. "Cool! How'd you do that?" Donna wants to know. "Lucky", Adam insists, "what do you want?" Donna points to the windup stuffed spider. The carny hands it to her. ['Nixon,' advises Adam to not run from what he ought to face.]

Donna and Carlo head off, so they don't miss the parade. Adam starts to follow, but a man in a Nixon mask starts speaking to him, "she's right, you know." "Beg your pardon?" Says Adam. "Never good to run from something you ought to face. Got to stand." Nixon states, making V for victory signs with both his hands. Adam looks intently at him. But then, he is distracted by the radio broadcast coming from the transistor radio hanging on a pole nearby.

"11:22 pm. I'm still alive, for now. There are a few things I want to say. First of all, Mom, Dad, thank you. Billy. I love you, man. You're my brother! And Maddie... God! I never cheated on you! I don't know what happened. I don't know who laid that rap on me, but I'd kill him if I could! I would rip his head off and stuff it in a hole!!" DJ Bob adamantly confesses. He tries to calm himself. "Anyway. I hope you and Billy are happy. If I live through this, I want to celebrate that happiness with you." DJ Bob's voice catches. "I do", he insists, "really."

"I hope somebody is taping this..." Was the last thing Vise heard spoken by DJ Bob, before he switched the audio off inside his black semi. "I can't stand his whining any longer", Vise explains. He points to the soldier serving as technician, who still monitoring the signals, and orders him "tell me if anything happens." [Vise's soldiers move in.]

The sergeant tells the Colonel that they've arrived in Mill Lake. They go outside and take a look. Costumed partyers push past them. The fatigue-clad, M-16 toting soldiers move toward the crowd, and blend in with the atmosphere. The sergeant informs Vise that the satellite will be overhead in 15 minutes, so Vise says they'll wait inside the truck. Before they head back inside, Vise watches the partyers head toward the carnival, and observes, "displays like this depress me." The sergeant asks, "not a big Halloween fan, sir?" "It's all about fear and superstition. You can't hide from your fears, sergeant. No matter what costume you have on", Vise explains. Vise heads for the truck. The sergeant follows him, shaking his head at the Colonel.

The robed, masked, lobster-clawed biped arrives at the carnival. He roams around, unintimidated, looking at everyone. Meanwhile, a man dressed as George Washington climbs onto the stage to announce, "Ladies and half-gents-half-beasts, I now declare the 77th annual Mill Lake Halloween Costume Parade in order!" The crowd goes wild! "Let's bring 'em out", the president continues. One by one, costumed contestants walk out onto stage to be judged. Adam is nearby checking the area with his tracking device. Carlo and Donna finally come on stage. Adam looks up when they are announced. "Don't look 'em in the eye", the president commentates. Adam rechecks his device...

Inside Vise's semi, he and the sergeant examine the screen of their tracking system. "I lost him sir. That crowd is soaking up his ion trail", the sergeant tells Vise. "Good enough", Vise responds, "we know he's here. Let's go." Armed solders run toward Adam's last known location. The robed figure is still looking for Adam. Adam is still looking for him, using his device.

The president starts announcing the winners, "second runner up..." Adam comes over by the twins and tells them, "the eyes are a nice touch." A robed figure moves in, and stands next to Adam. "Second place, the grim reaper", says the president. The robed, skull-masked figure excitedly pushes past Adam and the twins to claim his prize, as the crowds cheer. Vise, the sergeant and soldiers arrive at the edge of the crowd. [The twins win! They have Adam join them on stage.]

Adam rechecks his device as the president tries to calm the crowd, "please, a little respect for the un-dead." The crowd laughs and the creature hunting for Adam is closing in. The prez continues, "and now for the Grand Prize, let's give a big Mill Lake 'whoop' for some visitors from far, far away: the alien twins!" The crowd cheers as the twins drag Adam on stage with them. Donna is jumping up and down, and Carlo is waving the trophy in the air. Adam isn't happy to be so visible, but he takes the opportunity to look around.

Vise and the sergeant see Adam up there. The sergeant uses his walkie-talkie to order the troops to flank the stage. Adam finally sees them too. A helecopter hovers above the crowd with a search light trained on them. People look up to see what's going on. Vise and the sergeant look up as well. Wilcox looks out the chopper window and calls, "there he is!" Adam sees Vise looking up and runs. [Adam tells The Hunter, 'I can't let you take me back!']

Adam exits the stage through the curtains at the back, but after a few feet he senses something. He turns around to see The Hunter, who had been waiting for him behind the stage. The Hunter has something pointed at Adam. Adam points back, with his finger, and says, "I can't let you take me back." The Hunter silently steps forward.

Just then, the president comes through the curtains too. "Hey", he calls. The Hunter spins around to see who is behind him, so Adam takes off. The Hunter fires at Adam and the booth he is ducking behind explodes. He fires a second time, but misses again. Another booth explodes. The crowd screams and scatters. The sergeant and Vise can't get to the stage, because of the chaos.

Wilcox sees the havoc below and barks, "put this baby down, now!" The chopper descends and the wind and noise level picks up for the panicked partiers below.

Adam ducks between two booths but stops when Donna calls to him, "Help! Over here, Adam!" The Hunter has her and Carlo by the arm, dragging them off. Adam starts off after them, but Vise and the soldiers have closed in on him. The chopper's search light shines on Adam and Wilcox has a loudspeaker. "This is the FBI. Everybody hold your position", he orders.

Adam looks for a way to escape. The soldiers have knelt with their rifles pointed at him. Adam puts his hands up. But then he bolts toward the funhouse, only a few feet away. [Vise shoots at Adam's reflection in the funhouse.]

Vise follows Adam inside. Vise sees several reflections of Adam and proceeds to fire at them. Other soldiers enter and quitely stalk their prey. Adam continues to look for the way through. He sees Vise's reflection, but has no time to move. Vise turns and sees him. Vise fires. The other soldiers see his multiple reflections too, and everyone is firing. Adam just stands still as the mirrors shatter one by one. Vise runs out of bullets, so he grabs the sergeant's gun and uses it. Adam finally runs.

Adam heads through the misty woods. At the twins house, the front door creaks slowly open. Adam walks carefully inside as he senses where The Hunter is.

Adam creeps up the stairs. At the top, he opens the bedroom door, then backs quickly away. Through the door he sees Donna and Carlo sitting on the floor against the opposite wall. Adam comes nearer the doorway and tries to see if The Hunter is in the room too. He didn't see him to one side. He enters the room and sees The Hunter standing there, to the other side. [The Hunter trains his weapon on Adam.]

The Hunter sees him too. His weapon is raised, but he doesn't fire. "Are you O.K.?" Adam asks the teens. They nod, too intimidated to speak. "Let the children go", Adam requests, "they've served their purpose." The Hunter moves his weapon off the teens and on to Adam. So Adam walks over and helps Donna and Carlo to their feet. As Donna gets up, she places her stuffed spider on the floor. The twins sprint from the room.

Adam turns his attention to his adversary. "I can't go back", he informs The Hunter. The Hunter just stands there breathing. Adam suddenly turns his head to stare at the wind-up spider on the floor, making it travel travel past The Hunter. This distraction enables Adam to bolt from the room before The Hunter can fire at him.

The Hunter slowly and deliberately exits the bedroom as well, searching every room for Adam. The Hunter passes where Adam is hiding, and Adam backs the other way, keeping an eye on The Hunter's location. Adam loses sight of him as he backs into another hiding spot. He peeks out to see if anyone is in the hallway. There isn't, so he emerges from his hiding place. At the same moment, The Hunter appears in the hallway as well.

Adam is at the wrong end of The Hunter's weapon, so he raises his hands, and shouts, "wait! Listen to me." He puts his hands down again. "I know that you believe non-interference is the most important thing of all. That if the human race is to survive, it must be through natural selection... And I have made an unforgivable mistake to come back here. We both know that the human species is doomed. I had to do something-- anything! What if your kind were faced with the same abyss? Could you just let that happen? Could you?"

The Hunter steps forward. A box almost falls on him from above. He looks upward. Adam rushes him and pushes him against the stair railing, breaking a couple rails. The Hunter drops his weapon. They struggle until Adam can get to the weapon. He throws it up to the top of the stairs. But The Hunter tackles Adam! He raises his lobster claw-like appendage and brings it down hard. Adam rolls out of the way. Using The Hunter's momentum against himself, Adam rolls him over, and is able to punch him. [The Hunter chokes Adam in the struggle!]

The Hunter reaches up and starts to choke Adam with his appendage. Adam desperately reaches toward the back of The Hunter's helmet. He finally is able to make contact with a switch of some sort, and presses it. The claw disengages and Adam catches his breath. The Hunter's face-shield retracts to reveal a human face inside.

"You?!" Adam exclaims in shock. He doesn't understand. "You have no idea the damage you've done", the man says, "I have to stop you before they find out." Adam is still so surprised that the man takes the opportunity to attack.

Adam is kicked to the ground, and the man runs up the stairs to get his weapon. Adam pursues, but the man kicks him away. He is almost at the top, and reaching for his weapon, when Adam grabs his arm and pulls it back. Adam tries to climb over the top of him, until he can reach the weapon, himself. Adam pushes it further away. But the man is able to get away from Adam and grabs the weapon.

Adam rushes up and struggles with him. Adam has ahold of the man's arm and they are locked together, with the weapon between them. Finally, the weapon discharges.

The man goes limp and he falls over the railing, to the floor below. His weapon is knocked from his hand, and he is still. Donna and Carlo rush downstairs after Adam to see. "Did you kill him?" Carlo asks. Donna snaps a picture of the lifeless being. [Adam finds The Hunter's key.]

Adam searches the body. He finds what he is looking for: a small, flat, rectangular device. Donna asks, "What's that?" "A key", Adam states triumphantly. "To his spaceship?" Carlos wonders. "To everything he uses", Adam answers, "without it, he's just a human. His ship won't work, his weapons, his suit, nothing."

"The sheriff!" Carlos calls. Adam looks up to see the sheriff walking in. "Looks like you've had a little trouble, friend", the sheriff tells Adam, "maybe it's best you come along with me, before any more trouble comes this-a-way..." Adam is not pleased, but he's also not moving. The sheriff continues with, "don't worry about these kids. I'll make sure they get hooked up with their folks." He looks at the kids, "right Donna? Carlo?" The kids are none too happy either.

Loud rumbling is heard outside. The sheriff spins around, exclaiming, "what in tarnation?" He goes outside to see what all the commotion is about. It's Vise and his troops arriving in their humvees.

Adam takes the opportunity to speak with the twins, "Listen to me, you guys were right. You told me not to run away, and I didn't. And I don't want you to run away. Go to your parents and talk to them. O.K.?" Donna nods. "O.K.", Adam says again, satisfied. He quietly exits out the back door, closing it gingerly behind him.

The FBI helecopter is also closing in, searchlight ablaze. Carlo and Donna come out the front door. The sheriff tells them to wait in the cruiser and not to touch anything. Vise and the sergeant rush forward. They are intercepted by the sheriff who tells them, "I don't know where you boys come from, but you've got the kind of heat I'm looking for! It's right inside."

Inside, they find the front hall empty. "He was right there", the sheriff insisted. "Which one?" Asks Vise. "The dead one", explains the sheriff. "And the other one?" Vise inquires, exasperated, as he and the others look around in vain. The sheriff scratches his head and says, half to himself, "knock me down with a feather, if I knew where either one of them's gone at all..."

"Search the area", Vise commands. The soldiers go outside to begin the search. Vise turns to the sergeant to ask, "how long before the bird's back overhead?" "Ninety minutes, sir", is the answer. To which Vise responds, "damn it!"

Vise sees Wilcox in the doorway, and walks up to him. "I ought to have you amateurs stripped of your credentials." Wilcox ignores this and says, "from your tone, I gather you didn't find MacArthur." In a gruff tone, Vise tells him, "lemme give you some advice, Wilcox." Wilcox is uninimidated. "Hm?" Wilcox grunts. "Don't assume anything about me", Vise advises, "and do yourself a big favor: stay clear." "This doesn't have to be a fight, Vise", Wilcox insists, "I mean, we are both working for the same government. Right?" No response from Vise. "Right?!" Wilcox repeats, more adamantly. Then Vise answers with, "if it helps you get up in the morning? Sure." Vise leaves his company. As the sergeant follows Vise out, Wilcox lets out an exasperated sigh...

The sheriff sits in the driver' seat of his vehicle. He senses something behind him. He turns around and stares at a row of four president masks. After a second of staring back, Donna and Carlo remove the masks from their heads and left hands. They are pleased with themselves for surprising the sheriff. The sheriff says, "I thought I told you two not to touch anything." But he's amused. The twins giggle in response. And so does the sheriff.

Unsuccessful, the FBI guys head away from the area via their helecopter. Wistfully, LaRue pipes up and tells the others, "y'all know that Mill Lake was founded by Frence settlers in the 1850's? Yep. You'd assume that the name 'Mill Lake' would have something to do with the lumber industry... But originally, it was a French name. M-I-L-L-E. French for 'one thousand.' Thousand lakes." LaRue looks out the window to the lake-dotted terrain, below. "Sure is a pretty sight down there, ain't it?" They fly off, leaving behind one lake with an alien spaceship glowing under it's depths...