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The Visitor


"Connections - Episode 14 of The Visitor" is an illustrated fan fiction that extends The Visitor story. Written with rapidly shifting scenes to mirror the TV show, "Connections" also goes back in time, detailing Adam MacArthur's experiences in the spacecraft and on the Colony, immediately following his abduction.

Given a second chance after his capture by angry abductees from the Colony, the Visitor returns to earth to take up his mission once more. He remains intent upon changing the destiny of mankind, but the rules and the players have changed. Adam's abductors now closely follow his progress. He has been linked to their bigger plan for averting the extinction of humanity. Adam struggles with the dictates of his off-world advocates. He will not abandon his promise to find Jason, the son he had been forced to leave behind in 1947. Neither will MacArthur relinquish his conviction that the fate of all humans, both earthbound humans and Colony-dwelling abductees, should be one and the same.

Colonel Vise, the crafty head of the National Security Agency, wrestles with a mysterious ailment of mind and body. Even as he recovers from being accidentally shot by his own men, he obsesses about stopping Adam MacArthur. Adopting a more subtle approach, Col. Vise enlists the services of two recently fired FBI agents, Nicholas LaRue and Craig Van Patten. With an uneasy alliance at best, these former adversaries combine forces to locate and apprehend Vise's "silent runner", Adam MacArthur.

The Visitor's next contact is a Navy dolphin trainer, David West. In calculating the checks and balances that steer the direction of future events, West emerges as one of the key people who can make a difference. Changing the future, though, is a treacherous pursuit requiring Adam to immerse himself in the daily life of the world that he left over 50 years before. Unexpected entanglements arise when Adam rescues a lost boy with the uncanny ability to "talk" to dolphins. Following one of the truisms of The Visitor universe that "all life is connected", the paths of the lost boy, the ambivalent Navy dolphin trainer, and the mismatched law enforcement team all intersect in and around Florida's Gulf Coast waters. Adam MacArthur continues his battle to save humanity from destruction.

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