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The Visitor

First aired:
November 7, 1997

It is the day before Adam MacArthur and his wife Constance's wedding anniversary. Adam finds her in a Florida nursing home. But, the FBI have been staking the place out. Van Patten sees Adam standing in the doorway to Constance's room. Adam doesn't go in, Constance has another visitor, a man named Henry. Van Patten calls the others, and they try to sneak up on Adam. He notices them and escapes, while they are hiding around the corner. They see that he is no longer in the doorway, so they rush into Constance's room, to see if he stepped inside. The nurse doesn't like all the hub-bub. She tells Wilcox to leave Mrs. MacArthur alone. He replies, "I can't. She's his wife."

The NSA has satellite photos of the site, in Mill Lake, Oregon, where the new "silent runner" appeared. Under near-ultra-violet light, it is possible to see that a un-natural circular feature has appeared over a lake. The NSA goes to set up a secret operation at the site. When they arrive, they discover a force-field dome, surrounding the lake.

Back at the nursing home, where the FBI agents have set up headquarters, the agents try to sort through the evidence they have gathered so far. Meanwhile, The Hunter, Michael O'Ryan, drives up to the home, in Durham, NC, where Charlie MacArthur Dalton is moving in. O'Ryan breaks in, and rifles through Charlie's stuff. Her roommate discovers him, so he kills her, puts her in his trunk, and drives off.

Adam meets Henry in the park, where Henry walks his dog every day. Henry invites him over to Constance's house. Henry has been taking care of the place, since Constance has been at the nursing home. Henry tells Adam, "You never know what you've got until it's gone." Henry just wants one hour with Constance, so he can ask her to marry him, but she is too ill. The phone rings, and the nurse informs Henry that Constance has taken a turn for the worse. Henry goes to the home, to be with her, but Adam stays behind, at her house.

Charlie is told that her grandmother is close to death, so she drives down to Florida, to see her. While she is visiting a convenience store, O'Ryan sabotages her jeep. When it won't start for her, O'Ryan offers her a ride, claiming he is headed in the same direction.

Vise is getting frustrated. He shoots at the dome. When that doesn't work, he tells a soldier to use a grenade launcher. The soldier is about to fire, so the sergeant yells to the men standing next to the dome to hit the deck. Vise has taken no thought for the safety of the troops. The grenade makes contact and explodes. Everyone dives for cover. Afterwards, the sergeant reports Vise to his superior, for being a danger.

Henry returns and tells Adam that Constance is stable, again. Then Henry tells Adam about Jason, Adam's son. How he was a troubled child, and he still is. Constance has had no contact for 10 years, and only cries when she thinks about him.

The next day, Charlie arrives at the nursing home, and talks to Constance. But, Wilcox wants to speak with her. He brings her into their temporary HQ. She denies having seen Adam recently. Then she sees a picture of Michael O'Ryan. She tells them she rode down with him.

Adam and Henry go to the park again. While they are out, O'Ryan discovers Adam's zip disk. He puts it in Adam's laptop and sees the list of contacts on it. O'Ryan yells out, "No! I have to stop you, MacArthur!" Meanwhile, Henry talks Adam into risking going to the nursing home again. They get up to leave, but Henry's dog does not follow. Adam heals the dog, by laying his hands on it, and giving it some of his life. Henry wants him to do that for Constance. [Constance and Adam.]

O'Ryan sees the FBI agents breaking into his car, outside the nursing home. They discover the body in the trunk. Inside, Adam helps Constance regain her ability to walk and talk. "Adam, is it you?", she asks. Adam helps her up, and they hug and dance and talk. Adam wishes her a happy anniversary, and tells her he loves her. Constance asks, "find him, Adam. Help our son." Adam tells her, "I promise. I will." Then, Adam leaves Constance alone with Henry, so he can ask her to marry him. She tells him, she has been his for along time.

O'Ryan comes in at that point. He pretends to be nice, when he touches her, but he is really killing her. When she is dead, he says, "I'll go get some help", and leaves the room. Adam returns and doesn't understand what happened. He can't bring her back. Then O'Ryan returns and points his gun at Adam. "You did this?" He asked. O'Ryan responded, "I have to undo everything you've done. You're coming back with me now." Just then, Wilcox came by with his gun drawn, but O'Ryan started shooting at him. Wilcox ducks back, and O'Ryan and Adam escape.

Vise is arrested. Charlie, Henry and the nurse attend Constance's funeral. Adam goes too, but he hides behind a tree, in the graveyard. When everyone left, Adam approached, and placed a rose on top of the casket. After a moment, he walked away.